Skeletor and He-Man


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I build bits and pieces of costumes every year but for halloween I try to do a big build and push myself to learn new techniques. This year I wanted to do muscle suits.
First thought was Skeletor and He-Man. I felt like their muscles will be the most forgiving because of the cartoon nature of they build.

Here is a few random photos of my progress so far
IMG_0744.JPG IMG_0730.JPG IMG_0836.JPG IMG_1127.JPG IMG_1276.JPG IMG_2693.JPG IMG_2788.JPG IMG_2845.JPG IMG_2909.JPG


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Love the work in the first picture. What are you using to make the muscles?

I am honestly doing a really weird technique. I am cutting them out in upholstery foam. glueing them to a board. covering them in flex seal. making an ultracal mold. then using flex foam to make duplicates.

I realize its a bunch of extra steps but I have a few friends who want muscle suits and it seamed like the easiest way!


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Here is a simple video of the process I used to make He-Mans boots.
1) Make a pattern by covering Motocross boots in tape and cut the pattern off
2) Trace the pattern onto the foam. Heat foam and use the real boot to press and shape pieces
3) Contact cement the pattern together
4) Make the "leather strapping pattern" out of tape. Trace onto foam. Glue onto boot base.
5) Heat the boot and press tinfoil into the foam to create "leather" looked indents
6) Paint the boots. Start with a layer of plastidip. Then a layer of orange. Next dust the boot with greens, reds, blues, and yellows. Finish the distressing with a dry brushing of blacks and blues.

Sorry, I know the music is annoying. I didn't have anything else.

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I set Skeletor aside to work on Heman for a bit. I feel like i have the proportions right for the muscle suit. No i am trying to figure out how much realism I want to shoot for.

On one hand, He-man is a cartoon/action figure that has outrageous muscles and I can get away with leaning into the campiness.

On the other hand, I could push the Skin Paint-job towards realism and make something really special.

IMG_3779.JPG IMG_3783.JPG IMG_3784.JPG IMG_3871.JPG IMG_3872.JPG


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Are you going to rig up a system for the Skeletor mask to make the mouth move?

Yes, I am making a super simple elastic mechanism with chin strap. I wish I new how to get a "mechanical advantage" so the mouth would move twice as much as the actual person's mouth.


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Making Progress. The Bracers, belt, and chest plate are done. I finished both of the power swords (I know Skeletor doesn't always have one....but I already made the template). I am waiting on a more accurate fur color for the briefs.

You can see a mock-up of shoulder veins. Does anybody have a good technique for veins?
IMG_4013.JPG IMG_4014.JPG


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I only have a few days left and I still have a lot of work to do. I decided to make go with a 1/8 inch foam skin instead of lycra. Heman now looks more "real life" and less like a guy in a spandex suit. I am pretty happy. Now, It's time for the paint.

IMG_4586small.jpg IMG_4680small.jpg IMG_4322.jpg IMG_4328.jpg
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