masters of the universe

  1. Psab keel

    MOTU: Castle Grayskull Origins (MIB)

    Just look at that gorgeous box art! Mint in Box MOTU: Origins Castle Grayskull. Never opened. $100.00 Shipped within the Continental U.S. The original shipping box has been opened to photograph the product inside. The packaging is in overall good shape with perhaps some minor wear from...
  2. Bulletproof1

    My Skeletor Costume

    This year I decided to stop pushing it off and finally make Skeletor. I started this costume about 6 years ago with the mask and never got to anything else. I decided to enter a cosplay contest virtually this year. When brainstorming who I wanted to do Skeletor was the first character that came...
  3. nbehling

    Skeletor and He-Man

    I build bits and pieces of costumes every year but for halloween I try to do a big build and push myself to learn new techniques. This year I wanted to do muscle suits. First thought was Skeletor and He-Man. I felt like their muscles will be the most forgiving because of the cartoon nature of...
  4. Silesky

    TrapJaw (M.O.T.U.) mask (wip)

    Original design of a TrapJaw mask to be casted in silicone. Sculpture process and a quick color test in photoshop.
  5. BanthaBeard

    Muscle Suits

    Hi everyone! Brand new here, but I have been around the threads fairly often over the years. Anyway, I'd like some advice foremost on muscle suits. I'm hoping to do a Skeletor cosplay eventually, and I need some shtuff for it. This is not very time-sensitive, I'd like to have it for Rose City in...
  6. A

    Ram-Man costume- EVA foam and leather

    Hi guys, I'm new here. Been costuming in one way or another for a long time. Really leather armor and chainmail are my thing. Recently discovered the world of EVA foam, liquid platics, etc... Here are some pics of a Ram-Man costume from Masters of the Universe. It's kind of a mix of the old...
  7. cepts

    He-Man/Skeletor Power Sword

    I know I'm not the first to replicate this sword. I'm just posting this to show the materials and processes that I used to get the results I wanted. We all have a trick or technique that might help someone else out with their project. I hope you can benefit from one of mine. The illustrators of...
  8. Maul

    He-man Toy/Comic Style Power Sword

    I was going to wait and debut this when it was a little further along, but figured why not go ahead and do it now. The journey is half the fun, right? :cool This has been a long time coming for me. I've wanted a good version of the Power Sword since I was about 3 pretty much. I actually...
  9. Pannaus Props

    The Italian job (Ramiel + Gemini Khan + Art Funk)

    Hi there guys, I'm writing this post to show you what us three italian fellows managed to create during a comic convention called Romics here in Rome, Italy. Art Funk and I teamed up to bring our latest works together to the crowds and Ramiel, customized one of my IM helmets. Here are...
  10. Jennigirl

    Masters of the Universe Hero sword Being Auctioned on ebay!

    You heard me right an original Hero version of He-Man's Sword from MOTU is being auctioned on ebay. I totally wish i had the funds to buy it...