Skeleton project: seeking help on print file


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Hello there, everyone! After some lurking, I decided to join as I am a big zentai fan, and a lot of helpful advice further drew me in. Anyways, I am working on a custom suit (just a skeleton pattern, but for both front and back), solely for my own personal project. I found a free to use, layered TASM2 psd template, on the forums here, as well as a color coded chart, to help me understand where things go.....yet I find myself very unsure, as I cannot preview the design on anything. I am afraid of the bones not coming out in the proper places, and want to try my best to get this right. I'd love to put heads together and see if anyone can offer advice/help of any sort/etc.

I did a basic rough draft so far, which I will share below. I also have the layered psd if anyone would like to play around with it. I left in the included muscle base and spiderman web design overlays, to give you a general idea, and to further help me try to understand where the bones/skull/etc may end up on the finished product. End result will not have the webbing, of course. I do apologize if this is not the proper forum for this inquiry! Thank you to anyone in advance for any help :)