Showoff - Sky Captain Atomizer Display


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Just finished my kit from JmTwo and had to show it off. I used a back of a plastic frame from the dollar store to strengthen and hold the base the kit came with and added the frilly metal corner pieces, they came with the frame and help hold it together. I based my paintjob on screencaps I took myself and it always looked to me to be a bit weathered, not straight up clean metal, and the colors looked more gold and copper to me than red, but this is just my take. The weathering on the metal parts doesnt show up for crap in my pics, so Ill have to keep trying to get it to show up, but it basicallyt looks buffed and slightly smudged throughout. Later on I'll have to get some pics of it with my robot blueprints and Totenkopf pin, in the meantime Enjoy.