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Hello all, I have actually owned a few Obi sabers, but this is my favorite so far. It is AFBB Obi-wan based on chronicles photos and other production photos. I am going for the look that I BELIEVE to be the most inclusive of variations found in different photos. It has a Chromed Roman emitter,Chromed Graflex clamp, chromed Stormpath trans and washers, and a chromed tap from Roman. The grenade, spacer and booster are all Roman. The Booster and tap are from his latest run, and the emitter is the last one he sold. Here are a couple photos. ENJOY.



Thanks for the host CreamedGeezer.

I am prolly gonna sand the paint and clearcoat, I dont want a high gloss though, I sort of like the flat look. This is all for now. :D

Let me know what you think.
Can't wait to see mine . . .


Originally posted by Romans Empire@Jan 12 2006, 03:57 AM
Man, I never get tired of seeing the OB1 ANH saber. Very nice. Can't wait to see the final product.  :eek
That is the first flat-finish AFBB Ob-Wan I've ever seen, and I must say (my parts or not) that thing is GORGEOUS...

You can see so much more detail with the flat finish, and it still has shiny chrome. :eek Very nice. Now I gotta make meself one of dem. :D
OOOO. I love this saber. So many people are going way to light one the wind vane, and stem. It is soooo nice to see someone doing it this way. I'm going to be doing a Weathered one, but mine is going to have the dark wind vane, and lower stem too.

What a beautiful saber. I have to say yours is the first AFBB saber I've actually liked. :)

That's niiiiice. It's funny, 'cos I thought the face of the emmiter was rusty until I realised it was the reflection of the wood grain from the table its sat on.

damnnn very nice. i cant wait to get my parts from Roman.

How did you get part of the grenade neck to be flat black also? I thought they were brass or whatever?

Roman do the glossy black grenades come with that part of the neck in glossy black as well?
I know a few have come out that way, either made or requested. Here's what I originally started with on one of mine.


Here is one pictured from one of Roman's auctions, although when I won, I did request the all brass stem rather than the painted black one and he was more than happy to swap them.
Already there, well most of the way. The only thing I have yet to do is have the clamp chromed.

The sabers in my thread above are in the same order as the pics I posted. The top pic above, with the ROTS board became my weathered hilt. It had an anodized finish on the grenade, which is not as glossy as the grenade in Roman's pic and was what I chose to weather since the gloss black looked so nice. The clamp from the top pic is an authentic graflex, so it was swapped with the replica clamp on the one I won from Roman. The fact it's authentic is partly why I haven't chromed it yet. The bubbles and ROTS board were swapped and the rest is history. Both sabers came with AS chromed plastic handwheels but I swapped those out for aluminum ones, which were also made by Roman, just before he started making the updated three piece models. The ROTS hilt has the first edition two piece pommel and the weathered has the one piece pommel. The cubes on his first pommel look more like that on the actual ROTS hilt, longer and narrow, while the second edition has the shorter fatter cubes(see if you notice in the pic below).
One the weathered hilt, I kept the black stem at first, but if you scroll down my thread, you can see where I stripped the black off the stem and went with the tarnished brass look.

here's a pic from the thread of the two as they now are. Except I modified two other things since this pic was taken. Someday I may post other pics, but I think folks may be tired of seeing my sabers, so some other day... :D

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