Show us your Star Trek costume

Man, I so love the costumes and want one of my own some day. Here is a pic of my kids doing the Trek thing. My younger son insisted on having his blond hair dyed black to match Spock's. He would not go for the ears.


Just got this so far...but it's a doosie.


I'll throw this in-

Last summer I upgraded my Monster Maroon captain's uniform to a screen accurate (or as close as I could get it) Admiral Kirk WOK uniform:


Complete with my replica copy of A Tale of Two Cities.


And last Halloween I put together my Mirror Mirror Kirk uniform:



Fun thread!!

Heres one of my uniforms:

Before I got cool holsters for stuff lol.


and a custom FC uniform; excuse the rubies commbadge...

I also have the TNG Mid series admiral uniform with the V stripe, an Indonesian TWOK uniform, which doesn't look that good... and TOS and New movie Command uniforms. Those are all for trek.

Can't wait to see more costumes!!
Here is me from.....soooo long ago, i think 2000(edit found out it was 1999!). A UK convention called Supernova.
My rushjob 7of9 costume.
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Thanks for sharing all of these. I would love to have a uniform, but my wife who is very tolerant of my nerdiness has drawn the line at costumes.
Here is me from.....soooo long ago, i think 2000. A UK convention called Supernova.
My rushjob 7of9 costume.

for a rushjob very nicely done :thumbsup - is that you in the avatar pic? I'd like to see the whole one. You can PM me and attach the picture.
Nice job on the 7 of 9 costume, Sakara. I'd love to see closeups of the Borg implants; the eye .. thingy? (what's the called?) and the exoskeleton on the hand!
thanks! the exoskeleton on the hand was made from a cut up silver marigold rubber glove and a little builder's silicon!!!!! up close it was rubbish lol
The face appliances were made from this cool air clay, that dries to a light foam like feel. Similar i think to Paper Clay. i sculpted it from a promo image i found of Seven and just kept shaping it to my face as it dried....I had no ideas back then about sculpting and moulding prosthetics lol
I dont have many large pics of that costume, except this shot which shows one of the face appliances
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Oh no! "This photo is currently unavailable" :( Anyway I've seen clay like that - I actually think my mom has some. My wife and I are re-watching Voyager and she turned to me and said "I could totally rock a 7 of 9 costume." So it's a definite consideration for us right now. Thanks for the inspiration! :)
ive tried uploading the pic shows for me...if not hereis the link aswell in case
supernova 11 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I have some AWESOME reference pictures of Seven's prosthetics and her corset that she wore under the catsuit...gods if id had them then! if you'd like them pm me here and ill send you them.
the clay worked quite well for the appliances, but i think id make them out of that now..then cast them in silicone or latex as that would make them more flexible.
the handpiece , another Seven at the con had made hers using builder silicone piped direct into a cast of her hand. That looked fantastic! a simple way to do the hand peice without having to mould a seperate sculpt/mold job.
The small Seven being picked up by the large Seven, she had the silicon piped hand piece-
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Hah! Of course it shows up now. :) Thanks for that! I might hit you up for those reference photos a little later. Right now I'm just thrilled that my wife is receptive to wearing a Trek costume (I've been trying to get her to do the Ghostbusters thing with me for years with no luck). We might start off with a simple Starfleet uniform first and then work up to 7. :)

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