Show off thread - I finally have something done!

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by KUROK, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. KUROK

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    Hi all,

    I've been doing this project for a customer for months now. We had a lot of family issues due to the hurricane which happened right after I started it. It's finally done so I thought I'd show it off. This is probably my last customer build project since my spare time is too hard to come little one on the way.

    It is an upgrade to the Art Asylum Trek Tek phaser. The nozzle is metal as is the "forehead" plate. I also fashioned a brass piece for the phaser 1 release. The paint has been hand polished because I was not satisfied with the sheen out of the can. Guess that kind of thing is what took so long.


  2. Darth_Nickel

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    wow this is awesome looking I wish I had your talent. Thanks for the pics. You do great work.
  3. Gojira61

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    Outstanding work.

    That is one fine Phaser.

  4. Jimbo890

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    She's a beauty.
  5. phase pistol

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    Another OUTSTANDING Art Asylum conversion. :D

    Well done.

    - k
  6. hunky_artist

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    Kurok yet ANOTHER excellent AA conversion. I never did get my on over to you for upgrading did I? * art business making me forget about everything, lol

    Guess now I'm forced to do it myself... probably a good thing, make me get off my *. (as long as I can find the right paint colours in the UK of course..... any help would be appreciated folks)

  7. temponaut

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    Truly a thing of beauty, KUROK. :thumbsup

    A pity you won't be doing more... but it sounds as if you have the best of reasons. :D

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