Show off : My new Plo Koon saber

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by jrschmd, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. jrschmd

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    Just wanted to show off my new plo koon (aka mace Episode I) saber. Found it on ebay and touched it up a little using wood putty to fill the air bubbles and chipped parts. Removed all the old paint and refinished it with Krylon Fusions silver metalic paint. Didn't turn out too bad. Still unsure if I'm going to use a more shinny silver on the emitter part. I also need to still attach the covertec knob. Just hoping that Sideshow makes a 12 inch Plo Koon soon. I've included two pictures. First one is how I got it and second one is after retooling.
  2. gjustis

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    Looks familiar.... :lol

    Cracking job.
  3. lesternessman

    lesternessman Well-Known Member

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    not bad. The paint turned out nice.
  4. midrifter

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    Is it just me or is the top pic not working?
  5. qwa_raig

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    not just you, only a portion of the top pic is showing
  6. jrschmd

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    Sorry everyone, been busy with a new baby. The full image should show up now.
  7. Crimsonnaire

    Crimsonnaire Well-Known Member

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    Awesome saber. Excellent refurbish job.

    Isn't the Plo Koon saber the one that has an MPP-like shroud?
  8. B-Movie Zombie

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    Very nice paint job. looks great.
  9. J.Max

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    That was the action figure version. The movie version is the same as the Mace.

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