Show off - Matsuo BSG Miniseries Blaster


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Just finished watching the 1st season of BSG and strangely, I got the urge to pull this out of my project pile to look at. Of course, then I grabbed my knife and sandpaper and went to work.

For the main outer shell, the only mod I did was bore out the 2 barrels. Primed, then painted with BBQ paint, rubbed with steelwool, then a coat of glossy clear which again was rubbed with the steelwool. Finally I applied silver rub n' buff to the raised edges.

The inner pistol was painted gloss black with a bit of Rub n buff. The trigger was painted aluminum.

The grips were painted a custom mixed brown, then a black wash. And I hand painted the gold emblems, all sealed with a satin clearcoat.

So I present my Matsuo V1 BSG Mini Series Blaster:



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Thanks guys, I'm not an expert on this blaster, the casting of the pistol included was a 357 python that was cut down.

Yeah, PKD, have a couple that I still need to start.

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That's one of the most realistic pain jobs I've ever seen. :thumbsup

I wish such realism would have gone into my aging C&S...

- Gabe


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Sweet. Bit of history there man, that was the very first Iteration of that run.

Superb finishing/weathering.

Originally posted by tain669@Jan 21 2006, 04:50 PM
Really nice work.What was the base for the hero based weapon?Thanks :angel
I'm not really sure what the show used, the consensus was that they may have used a small frame smith or the like.
I used a Colt python because that's what I had on hand at the time.



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Sa-weet. Have to agree, that's a helluva paint job--looks well used, but not abused :thumbsup


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I think you did a fantastic job painting that one up.

I also have to give my thumbs-up to the work of Matsuo. :thumbsup

He did a full build up on my BSG blaster. It's cool to see the transition from his earlier models to his newer builds.


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I love the "series version" model that Matt built and painted for me... on top of a real airsoft. Clicky-clicky. :)



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i love mine.

Matt did a fine job on these. :thumbsup

john :cool

i did mine. :)

its built on a 357 python metal blank pistol. with metal barrel..:p

two screws must be removed to access the cylinder for reloading.


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A nicely done buildup Talisen. Your finish is extremely convincing. This is one of the best blaster designs that I've seen in a long time and had to get one of Matts kits too. :)

...soooo... since everyone else is doing it, here is a few pics of mine after finishing. ;)

^ Click image for larger view

^ Click image for larger view

^ Click image for larger view

^ Click image for larger view

Cheers to, Matt. He did a great job with this kit.


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Not to be left out... Here's another great MATSUCORP production and buildup/painting:

I also have the mid-season grips for this blaster.

OT: Here's another buildup that he did for me. DAMN Matt does some fine work. :thumbsup