SHOW OFF: BB/TDK Scarecrow Quick-Build


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I had some burlap, had some rope, some metal things laying around, and thought I'd throw something together.

Using some reference pics not to stray too far from the original: I stitched it up Tuesday night, weathered it in some mud Wednesday, cleaned it up some this morning before taking some pics.

001.JPG 002.JPG 003.JPG 004.JPG 005.JPG

Now, some things aren't accurate: the noose rope is thicker than what was on the original, the leather straps in the back are functional but only slightly similar to the ones used, and some stitching on the head was added for aesthetic reasons.

All in all, about 5 hours worth of work and I'm quite happy with myself and the final thing. Especially when the only things I bought were the d-rings and the rope for the stitching. I had such fun making the thing, I'm thinking about doing a small run if anyone in the world is still interested.


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That looks great! I am looking to upgrade mine to have the back to be more accurate and easier to take on and off. Very nicely done.
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