Shorty predator from dc comics

Hey, just fyi (sorry if I misunderstood what you're planning to do, useful info nonetheless) making a mold from something you didn't sculpt (or made by other means I guess) is considered "recasting" which is heavily frowned upon and a bann-able offense on this site. You can use it with a different color-scheme, or/and use it as inspiration to get the proportions right for a sculpt though.
Ok guys so I have given it a lot of thought and I want to do this build the best way possible.
So sculpting a predator head....I know what I want to achieve, with the job I do I modify things and make them to my own specifications would I bet better off getting a latex mask and modifying that or start from scratch?
I have the pred 2 bio shall I modify this or again start from scratch and make my own?
I had intended on taking a mould of the bio and modifying the copy so I could paint and keep the original to put on display.
And just curious... lol
If I was to make a mould of my pred 2 bio and make a real copper duplicate using sand casting and real copper off course would anyone be interested in buying this? Just wondered as I think it would be aswome in real copper
To avoid the recasting issue, the main way would be doing it yourself. With cast pieces done by someone else you are largely constrained to doing different paint-ups.

I'm sure there are some people willing to buy a copper duplicate of a p2 mask, but it would still need to be your sculpt.

For the most part what you can use that mask for is repaint it, and suit up as is. Display it, and usin it as reference for size, and shape, while sculpting.

As far as the head goes I'd personally recommend sculpting and blocking out the head in a way that reflects the basic style from one of the movies, and then use that as a foundation to deviate from in your own way.

Otherwise you would need to stick with a Predator mask and being restricted to giving it a custom paint-job (like with the bio-helmet).
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