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hi I’m new to this but feel I definitely have the skills to make somthing unique. I’ve always been a fan of the alien vs predator comics in particular “war”
Since I’m only 5’9 I want to make a suit that’s within my portions so it makes sense to make one that’s short lol
I think his Armor and bio looks awesome and seeing some of the custom preds on her especially the top knot design although mine will never be as good I’m Gona give it a try.
I’m Gona use the classic predator look with shortys armor and will make as much of it myself as I can.
I’m Gona start this project after Xmas so any tips or help will be greatly appreciated.
Long time pred fan here


Man, I was just saying how I'd love to make a suit for myself but I'm a measly 5' 8".

Shorty Predator?! I'll take it!

Good luck with the build. Working on one for my daughter at the moment.
So I’m thinking of making the armor and backpack etc out of cardboard getting my shapes close to what I want, covering with pva then, then either laying fibre glass weave on top on or carbon fibre as I use this at work. Once I’ve got it to where I want I’ll sand the fibre glass and apply fillers to get it looking straight then I’ll attack it with a dremmel to add detail then prime and paint.
I figure if I remove the card after I’ll have a lightweight design and laying the fibre glass on top of the card design will make the shape more fluid and what is desired
I think doing it this way lends well to my trade aswell as saving a lot of time sculpting and moulding.
Has anyone done this?
Nice concepts! Not a fan of shorty's torso armor (too much for my tastes lol) but I love the shoulder armor.
I believe I've heard people say that his bio was one of the core inspirations for Wolf's Bio.

Are you planning on sculpting, molding, and casting the suit pieces, or going the foam etc. route?
Lol nevermind (a portion) of that last question just saw you'll attempt making some Carbon Fiber pieces? !?!? Hope that works out. Would be pretty cool if it did XD

Though being a sculptor I'm, of course, biased and want to see everyone do more of it LOL
I want to sculp the head etc and do a latex body but the armor I think would be pretty cool done in carbon fibre plus the weave will show through depending on how transparent I put the paint on it.
I’m still thinking how I can turn this comic book design into a real life one without it been over the top think I’ll base it on the predator 1 and adapt it to shortys look
Defo abit Wolf I do agree
The main thing I want to achieve is my suit looking porltionaly correct, I think carbon fibre gauntlet blades would look cool too.
At the moment I’m just playing with ideas man I wana see the top knot build finished that’s the reason Ive decided to do this
Hello Danny, I thought I was following you already, but now I am :) I can't wait to see your shorty BUILD. My thoughts on fiber glass might be a little much only cause of chemicals and gooey stickiness. The cardboard is a lot easier for templates and starting out. A lot of people use foam mats I think for the armor.
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