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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by PHArchivist, Aug 14, 2005.

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    Does anyone here get into large scale (1:400 - 1:350) ship modeling?

    I have the 1:350 Titanic, and recently bought the Revell 1:400 Queen Mary 2.

    Boy, that QM2... REALLY nice kit, but BIG (3' - 4' long) and fairly complicated... May become a permanent resident of my "Unfinished Kits" collection....
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    Just got back from Charleston, and took a wild tour on the Yorktown II, then promtly bought a 520 kit(Lindberg,ugghh). I've built many of those Titanic kits and boy do i love 'em. Thinking about getting one in a few months.
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    I started on the Tamiya 1:350 Enterprise kit.... bought a bunch of extra aircraft, deck equipment, and itty bitty figures to go with it. I got swamped by other work though and it had to go into the "To Do" pile. I've also done some wood plank-on-frame ships as well. Last wood one I did was a Connie that the person I was building it for wanted turned around in 3 weeks. Heheheh... I laughed at him and said I would have it done when it was done. 12 weeks later he had it, and that was after I had to take shortcuts in the rigging. MAN that was some long nights to get the POS out of my shop, hehehe..

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