Screen Accurate Millennium Falcon Cockpit (CG Model)


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Hi folks,
I'm a pretty new user, and I wanted to post the project I'm currently working on. I realize the forum is dedicated to real models, and believe me I wish I were making a real model of this, but I feel like you guys will appreciate this model. I also sort of hope to use this model as a basis for a real version, either scaled down or, the real dream, a full scale version.



I'm attempting to make the cockpit as screen accurate as possible to the ANH version, which has many differences from the rest of the trilogy--working from production blueprints, many screen grabs and behind the scenes stills.

My biggest roadblocks at the moment are the two largest side panels on the Han side of the cockpit, which are temporarily symetrical with Chewie's side. very few images exist of that side without Han's grinning face blocking all the juicy details. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone had some images.

The model is also available on sketchup for anyone who wants to take a look: Cockpit of the Millennium Falcon by stince - Google 3D Warehouse

any feedback or critiques is welcome and appreciated.

Thanks Treadwell!

Absolutely, although I agree that it looks like it's going to be cramped. The basic construction of the cockpit for Empire was almost identical in design to this one, except that there's about a foot or more extra room added to the back half, no doubt to address this very problem.
You should try to sell it to Playstation. They have the cantina as a location you can interact with other PS3 people so if they could extend it to the hanger bay and have the falcon..that would be fun!
This is really awesome. I'm looking forward to watching this thread develop. I'd love to see you or somebody take these plans and build a 'real-world' mock-up of the Falcon's cockpit. Who know's, once you finish I might even try to build a full-scale mock-up one of these years! Although I think I'd rather have the extra room of the ESB or ROTJ cockpit. Good luck!
Did we ever see a good shot of the pilot's side instrument panel and actual hand controls?

I think Leia was "steering" something in Empire if memory serves.
Just so long as you build it in the US and I can come visit the thing.

I agree that the ESB dimensions would be preferable for a real build, especially since I see hanging out inside with friends
there are few good shots of the steering columns, but they only feature in the ESB and ROTJ cockpits


there's a better one in black and white the shows the whole panel and those controls very clearly but I'll have to dig it up again
Found it.


@ Laspector
You're right there are four chairs. The rear seats are pretty complex and I haven't got to them yet. They're similar to the Nav Chair in the main room of the falcon, with a few differences, but still a little tricky to reference. There's a lot of little stuff going on that's obscured by cast members or other objects/angles. rest assured that they'll be there in when I done though.
Awesome Work Sir!!

I look forward to more of your work, being ANH Falcon fan myself!
Kershner made those changes to the cockpit in Empire because of how cramped it was, Much to Lucas's dissastifaction! He wanted it cramped like a real Cockpit!

Again, Nice Work!
Hi SteveStarkiller, I was wondering if you've ever seen Ozzyguanche's work? The control panels have fantastic detail and it includes the front control panel, the side panels, the backpanel and the gun turrets. It's a flat view though - Unlike the perspective drawings you are coming up with It's really meant for super-detailing the scale model cockpit. They're the drawings you'll find in this link.

1/6th Millennium Falcon Cockpit - Page 5 - Sideshow Freaks

And Dorgmal Snow at Sideshow Freaks used the same drawings to detail the panels for his sick 1/6th cockpit, aside from his own greeblies - with fantastic results: 1/6th Millennium Falcon Cockpit - Page 41 - Sideshow Freaks

Yes, I've seen their work. Dorgmal's model is what actually inspired this project. I started out copying his in sketchup and using Ozzyguanche's textures, but started all over from scratch when I saw a few things I would change or tweak--plus I wanted to go for the obsessive photo matching.
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