Scratchbuilt Jabba's Sailbarge / Khetanna custom Toy and Model WIP


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Hi all, I am new to this forum. :)

I browsed the web for custom projects (mainly Star Wars themed) and stopped by here. I am truely amazed by the quality standards around here. There is just unbelievable good work around...I needed to check again today to be sure it was no dream! Just WOW! :cool

I am from Germany (so please excuse my English) and I am more a collector of toys (Star Wars vintage original 3 3/4" line), but used to build some dioramas from time to time to present my collection.

Because of the quality around here I am a bit afraid my standard is maybe not high enough, but please keep in mind that this is my first scratchbuilt ship. I was tired of waiting for Hasbro making a Khetanna (Jabba's Sailbarge) so I thought I build my own.

This project should result in kind of a model with playable features, so a mixture of Toy and Model. The aim to achive both leads to some cuts on both sides. The main problem was the weight and the size of that thing. I don't want it to be heavier then 3,5 kg and not longer then 100 centimeters, so that it still can be handled well, but also want it playable for the 3 3/4" figures what means I needed to "stretch" and "change" the dimensions. I guess a correct size for the 3 3/4" series would be about 160-180 centimeters long.

I know many people in here will hate this because they are doing it the other way around: Making the dimension correct....enhance what Hasbro and others have done wrong...but as said: I don't collect models, I collect toys, so I hope you will forgive me?! :ninja :D

Playable features (planned):
All windows of the lower deck should be movable, a hatch with movable doors and top, a cockpit, a landing gear mechanism, some light (engines, cockpit etc), some doors, movable "wings", roatating canon etc etc
Two larger doors to "play" inside with throne room, bar, stairs, artwork etc.

My main problem besides the weight and dimensions is building a ship (hull, outside) and at the same time a "matching" interieur. Everything from the outside is assosiated with the paneling in the inside and the hatches and windows etc. This, I have to admit, really overstrains me from time to time.

As you can see I mainly use Styrene boards (0,75 mm) and wood. Also cardboard for the construction. As this is my first ship I have no spare parts from other models, so I have to build everything myself. No resin, no 3d printer etc. I guess you know what I mean: My parts are handcut and therefore sometimes not that correct :lol

Enough said, here is some WIP pictures. If you want to follow the whole building process feel free to check out all pictures here:
Khetanna | Variant Villain












I am really excited to hear what you think of it. :popcorn

Thanks for looking.

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Re: Scratchbuild Jabba's Sailbarge / Khetanna custom Toy and Model WIP

WOW! Brilliant work!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

Heath Norton

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When you were describing it, I thought that this was going to be some crudely formed and misshapened model, but this is fantastic. Great job. Can't wait to see more!


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WOW! Just followed the link to your build and I have to say, your miniature Rancor is AMAZING!! Truly well done. Can't wait to see the finished product.


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This is incredible work. Inspirational

I'm not a fan of the whole Jabba segment of the film, but I'd kill for an injection kit of that barge. You could make an amazing diorama!


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Wow, thank you guys for the positive feedback! I am really happy you like the progress so far :D

And nice to see some well known friends....thank you Thomas!! :D :D

That Rancor was my first experience with "Fimo". I have never sculpted a "figure" before. I painted it already but need to go on further, also the base is in the making right now.

There is a design of a Kenner box floating around in the web for the "sailbarge petition", but I guess for a ship that huge you need killer pictures to print them in that size :eek :lol


I decided yesterday to lenghten the middle part. For now it just looks too ...I don't know...stubby?? The dimensions are off and that was with intend, but IMO it is too far off now. I will try to add 7 centimeters (one segment) to the middle part, which makes the nose and the rear looking too short and compressed but improves the overall look I guess.


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"your standard isn´t high enough" ????

DUDE, that´s stellar work :thumbsup
A large sail barge was one of my dream toys as a boy ;)



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Thank you agian guys for the positive feedback!! :D

well Done, Looking forward to the paint job.

Oh wow.....still a looooooong way to go! There is still tons of hours of work till I finally can "try" my best with colors :D

(I am excited as well to get to the paint job....but must resist till all is finished)

"your standard isn´t high enough" ????

DUDE, that´s stellar work :thumbsup
A large sail barge was one of my dream toys as a boy ;)


Thank you Markus. Well it is not all that accurate....the windows are a mess. And when I see the paintjobs around, the detail (OMG what crazy details) and the accuracy I really thought it could be not good enough....not even speaking of the totally wrong measurements..
First thread I saw here was this:
And it totally blew my mind!!...that accuracy...that detail....mindblowing...




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Another one of the many instances on this site where I look at the semi-finished product and go, "Wow, this is awesome"...and then I go to the "Making of" pictures and am even more dumbfounded by the skill and attention to detail.

I wouldn't be any more impressed if you'd built a full-size Khetanna with working repulsorlift engines. :) You've created a piece of magic here.


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Oh wow :eek. Thank you...very nice from you! :D

I just updated some pictures:

I decided to give the ship more lenght. In my opinion it looked way too stubby even for a toy. So I added 7,5 centimeters to the middle part and I think it looks way better now. Measurements are off I agree but without some changes Jabba wouldn't have fit inside.



Finally all windows are done...finally. I cannot tell you how happy I am right now because making all those windows was pure pain. Some facts (because I had fun counting those today):
It is 5 windows on the deck, 14 on the upper level and 28 on the level below, makes 47 windows with slits in total. 24 are fully movable.
To make those I needed to drill 938 holes, making 938 cuts and the needed to file and sand....and file and sand 469 was really hard work.
After looking around in this forum I just noticed how dump this was....should have etched those but didnt even knew this technique exists till today (and nearly all windows are would have been also a hard route I guess)
This how I made them..handcut:

I even found a way to improve the stability (was thinking long about this because it was already waaay too late as I noticed): high-grade steel wires glued to the windows. It is small enough to be not that distracting and it helps the windows not to bend while opening....or even worse: break into pieces. The construction of the windows is very thin (1,5 mm thick on the outside and the frame is about 1,5-2mm wide) and all the slits make it very instable.



...and now a beer for me...or make it two...:cheers


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Hi there,

absolutely stunning . . . and I love custom parts ... handmade and with great passion for such tiny details ...



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Re: Scratchbuilt Jabba's Sailbarge / Khetanna custom Toy and Model WIP Updated 22July

Thank you very much Chaim. :D


I added the paneling of the hull over the weekend. Gives much to the look IMO.
The paneling and railing of the upper level has to wait. Next up is building the undersurface. Therefore I need to rotated the whole ship to work on it and want to preserve the deck from damage, thats why the whole deck has to wait.





Okay the door may be too complicated....therefore I hope it beeing nearly "invisble". :D

Thanks for looking



Re: Scratchbuilt Jabba's Sailbarge / Khetanna custom Toy and Model WIP Updated 22July

I want one. :cry Seriously though, this is amazing. Love the details. Would be a sweet toy if Hasblow... err I mean Hasbro would cop a clue and make it. ;)

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