scratchbuilt Death Star laser turret...

Laser Brain

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Hi guys
This was the first model I ever started from scratch. It has sat around unfinished for a long time. Thanks to bowjunkie, who was kind enough to help me by casting my gun master, I can crack on and complete it.

This model is wildly innacurate to the real thing. The angles are off and the guns are too small, and the details are made from what I had lying around but you can tell what it's supposed to be.
I'll finish the turret off when I'm not in Star Destroyer mood.





Jack Bauer

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AMAZING work! Ilike the ladder on the side. Nice size too.
Did I say it was amazing? WOW!

how long did it take and what did it cost you to make?

Lord Abaddon

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Neil, whatever job you have, it's not good need to move to the USA and go work for ILM or if anything get over to WETA!


Laser Brain

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Thanks for the kind words guys. It took a couple of weeks of spare time to build the turret and about a week for the gun. Then I shelved it for a couple of years. As far as cost? Well, I only really bought sheet styrene and some audio adapter things for the gun. The rest I had lying about (like the ERTL Falcon parts and tubing)
It's quite big. 18" tall. 12x12 base. I haven't got a clue what scale that makes it. I'll try and make a start painting it in a week or so.



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I don't care if it's not accurate to the real thing. It's how well the interpretation is that counts.
Vos, I think your turbo-laser looks seriously awesome.
Not too many Deathstar Turbo lasers out there by the way.
Here's my interpretation of a Deathstar Turbolaser from a few years ago.

I can't wait to see your Turbolaser all painted up!


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Woah! Neil, that rocks!

Love it man

And Tony... that display is KILLER! Great idea!

I always love the "slightly obscure" ANH-ish stuff... thanks for sharing the pics.


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that's a thing of beauty

tony is absolutly right. it's all in the details and craftmenship. please keep pounding away on this and keep us posted.

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