Say hello to the newest member of my family


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Ok recently i was lucky to get hold of a new DL tk helmet from my good buddy Rolf aka TD 252.
He did an awesome job building and detailing the helmet, my hat goes off to him :D
Anyway here are some pics of my new family member getting to know his brothers here with me, more pics to follow..



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thats why all the recent sales :D

nice one mate

HOW do you NOT get in trouble with the wife/girlfriend/partner????


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The main focus is on the Dan Laws helmet, but there is a TM helmet is here too..

Ok hold onto your lids guys, here are some comparison shots.. I took them all front roughly the same distance and zoom.
First face shots
Dan Laws

TE hero

TM hero

TE2 anh stunt

TE2 esb stunt

TE hdpe sandy


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The pic is of me in my Marines gear.
It is on the set of a fanfilm that I can't say too much about right now.