SASXHA's BttF 2 Nike Mag Build in 3 days (but not 100% screen accurate)


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In November 2011 I have build one Nike Mag shoe from Back to the Future II. It was only a finger exercise (or a prototype) which I've build in 3 days, so it's not 100% screen accurate. But now I've collected some experience and next time I can build a better pair with lights in it.

For the shoe I've used:
- carton and thick paper
- hot glue
- an old grey and a white t-shirt
- spray-paint
- glue-stick
- silicone
- papmache

Greetings from Germany / Mosel


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It's very easy to get this effect (it's more difficult for me to explain it in english :) )

You only need a long-bristled paintbrush.
I dip the top of the paintbrush into the paint. Then I take the brush about 30 cm away from the sole and run with one finger through the top of the brush and the paint splattered on the sole.


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This is a great example of skill! In the words of one smart man "If you put your mind to it. You can accomplish anything!" Nice job!!!!
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