Official V3 Nike MAG Replica Thread - V3 Discussion Thread

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This thread is for the sole purpose of discussing, posting photos and videos of the replica NIKE MAG V3 (elastic lace) and now V4 (power lace). Please DO NOT post about other versions of this shoe – V3 and V4 ONLY!

Introducing the V4 with Power Lace

The V3 with Elastic laces

The NIKE MAG is a futuristic shoe designed by NIKE designer Tinker Hatfield for the 1989 movie BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II.

In the film, the shoes have both illumination and “power laces” but also a sleek design that has minimal, visible seams and stitching. Like many, I’ve always wanted a pair MAGs since seeing them on screen.


Replica MAG History

1. Mark Poons MAG 2008. [TOP LEFT]

In 2008, RPF Member Mark Poon (@markpoon) teamed up with a professional shoe maker to create the first replica of the NIKE MAG shoe. These shoes came out in one size that was said to be US9. The pet name for these shoes is the MP MAG.

2. Official Nike MAG replicas 2011 [Not Shown]

Only 1500 pairs of these shoes were made. They were sold at an auction via eBay in September of 2011. The auction ran for 10 days and each pair of shoes were listed at just 99 cents. The average price paid for these limited shoes was 4 figures. The money raised from the sale of these shoes was donated to the Michael J Fox Foundation for finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

3. Chinese made replica MAG Version 1, 2011. [TOP RIGHT]

In late 2011, the Chinese ripped off the MP MAG and gave us a cheap (but very comfortable) PVC version of the MAG that we dubbed the K (knock off) MAG and later, the V1 MAG. It was wrong in so many ways, but it was all we had available at the time. It was the first time this shoe was available in varying sizes as many of us could not wear the MP MAG’s "one size fits most".

4. Chinese Replicas Version 2, 2012. [BOTTOM LEFT]

The following year, the Chinese released version 2 of the replica MAG. These were much closer to the shoe we all had wanted for so many years.

Once modified, the V2 does look pretty close and for many of us, would be as close to the real shoe as many of us would get. You can find many YouTube videos with a simple search.

5. Halloween Costume (HC) and SPORTS versions [Not Shown]
These get a mention here but are not considered part of the MAG legacy because they came out unbranded. The HCs could be upgraded by a decal kit made my Mark Poon.

6. Official “power laced” NIKE MAG, 2015 [Not Shown]
In the film BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II we were given the date October 21, 2015 that these power laced shoes would be available. As that future date became closer to the present date, we all watched in anticipation to see if Power Laces would actually happen. NIKE kept their promise and unveiled the first pair of power laced MAGs. The first pair was given to Michael J Fox.
89 pairs were made available via a lottery where each ticket was just $10USD. The lottery was held in mid 2016.

7. Chinese Replica Version 3, 2016 [BOTTOM RIGHT]
The V3 is the shoe many of us thought would never happen. This replica is so close, many people can not tell the difference between them and the official 2011 NIKE MAG they are copies of. The list price is $499USD / pair. The forum thanks @davidjones888 and his company sneakerahead for giving us all the opportunity to own our very own replica of the NIKE MAG.

To order your own pair of the V3 MAGs, go to

and use the discount code


These shoes do not require any modifying. The only mods that can make an improvement are tinting the soles and applying a clear coat on the bubble. See my video in Post #2.


1. These shoes are extremely well made, however the electronics are fragile and care must be taken or the system will fail.
Charging these shoes is via the 0.7mm plug on the back of the shoe. You can charge both shoes at the same time. The batteries do have an overload protection circuit on them, so you must make sure that you never overdraw them or you MAY NOT be able to charge them again. You should be OK charging for up to 6 hours. The centre pin is just 0.7mm, so very fragile. Bend the uppers when inserting the plug and DO NOT ever force the plug in.
There have been several videos made on repairing these shoes. Search YouTube for videos by @Jedifyfe on repairs. These videos are also in Post #2.

If for some reason your charger fails or you didn't get a charger, you can use these USB to 0.7mm adaption leads.

2. When ordering your shoes, there is a delay of at least 3 (working) days from the time you pay to the time you get QC photos. Please be mindful that they may not actually have your shoes in stock, and that they must travel to the factories to buy your shoes with the money you have sent.

3. Once you have QC photos, you have the choice to accept of reject. If you choose to reject these shoes, know that they will be offered to the next buyer and that you will experience further delay to your order. If you are more than 90% happy with the shoes, perhaps negotiate a lower price and arrange a refund on the balance. Remember, these shoes are replicas, so they are NOT perfect.


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If you have Modding or Repair Videos, send me the link and I will embed them into this post. I can embed a maximum of 5 video.

The only mods you might consider if you are new to this is defrosting the bubble on the heel cup and tinting the soles.
I have used clear nail polish on the bubble and RIT dye on the soles.
This is how they look under fluorescent lighting.


And when lit up.


If you are keen and know something about electronics, you can add a resisters into the circuit to dim the LEDs. The newer version already has this done.

RPF member @WizardBTTF has created replacement bubbles and clear soles for those that are OK with truly modding these shoes.

For those using Sea Glow to remove yellow from your V3 Soles, please read the following.

From member @Mikey McFly:

Attached are the directions I received with my sea glow from Island Girl Products. I would recommend also combining these methods with others not shown in the instructions.

· Make sure to cover the rest of the shoes to protect them from excess product;
· Use sparingly, do not overdo it;
· Once sea glow is applied to the soles wrap the soles in cling wrap to help prevent the product drying out;
· Try repeated sessions of no more than 1 to 1 1/2 hours each time. Recommended no more than 2 or 3 sessions a day;
· Wipe excess off straight away with a clean, damp cloth; and
· If you get any on other parts/materials of the shoe wipe off instantly with a clean, damp cloth. If necessary use a sneaker cleaner such as gel cleaner to remove the product to prevent stains.

It should be noted this method is used to clear up the soles only. If dye is also going to be applied there a slightly different methods to achieve required results using this product.

YouTube is your friend when it comes to seeking out the best methods to use these products.



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Are the el panels still weak on these or did David upgrade them at all. Also are they still a hair dinner than the real deal mags


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I just made the jump and bought a pair of v3s! Very excited to have these! Will keep everyone informed and see if I have one of the newer batches with all the improvements! Can't wait to get these guys!

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