SASXHA's Star Wars Tie Pilot, Jango Fett & R2-D2 (not 100% screen accurate)

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    I'm from Germany and I'm reading in this Forum for about 2 years now.
    My English is not the best (that's why I haven't post before), but I hope you understand everything...
    I live in a small village and I think my brother and me are the only Star Wars freaks, who have Costumes, in this area. So I've been so happy when I found this Website some years ago. It shows me: We are not the only "freaks" out there!

    Now I want to show you some of my Star Wars Costume buildings. The costumes are not 100% screen accurate, but I want to build them as cheap as possible:

    Back in 2004 I've bought a cheap Rubies Jango Fett costume. But after I saw it in real, I re-sell it very quick. Then I decide to buy a Rubies Jango helmet and make a costume by my own. The most parts of my costumes are made out of plastic, hot glue, papmache and things I found at home. In the time I was building the Jango, I've bought a Tie-Pilot helmet and so I've build 2 costumes at the same time. In both helmets I've build a voice changer and a speaker. Although I cut out the nose of the Tie-Pilot helmet and the back of the Jango helmet to build in some metall grid. Also I add some details on the helmet, like the ears of the pilot helmet and the black strpes on the Jango helmet. But one thing I still have to change: Jango's pouches! They are from the cheap (and ugly) Rubies Costume and they're a little bit too small.

    These costumes are not good enough for the 501st, but they are looking very nice in the staircase in front of my HomeCinema. I hope you like them too.

    Now here are some Pictures:
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    One year later I decided to build a R2-unit. The droid is mostly build out of wood. Most details I've made out of plastic and the dome is made out of a rubber jumpball with expanding foam inside. In the head and the body I've build some LED's and there is a laser-sensor with a soundboard inside, so my R2-D2 can make sounds if you walk up the stairs through the sensor.

    Greetings from Germany/Mosel
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    That Jango looks Awesome, and R2 Actually looks pretty * accurate :D

    Very Impressive :D
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    It takes very much time to figure out all details on R2. Same with the jetpack, the Jango gauntlets and the pilots chest-box. In 2004/2005 I only had the DVD's to make some screenshots and I've searched the web for weeks to find some good pictures with special perspectives of these characters.

    I've created 2 pairs of Jangos gauntlets and knee armors, because after I'd made the first ones, I found some better and more detailed pictures and so I've decided to make new ones...

    Final Gauntlets and Knee Armor:
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    That stuff looks great! The R2 is amazing, thanks for showing it!
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    wow great artoo....

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