Sardaukar Lasgun - Dune (1984)

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In the run up to the 2021 film, I read the book and rewatched the David Lynch film...

Dune 1984.jpeg

...and was reminded of this long gone pistol from childhood.

sar box A.jpg

Really liked its rather odd art deco design. Are you shooting forward or in reverse? Why don't the lights in the bottom of the front light up? What's with the grid around the firing tube? But thirty-seven(!) years later it still strangely resonates. Here is more background.

Images of it in adult hands show a disappointingly small and delicate size.


So why not recreate what is essentially a child size toy? But let's use machined aluminium and aircraft grade perspex designed for adults... like a hero prop if one were ever seen clearly onscreen.

First resized the design (didn't use Autodesk but maybe in the future) by superimposing a life size M1911A Colt (which tends to fit in the hand quite well) over a square on image yields a more sizeable pistol.


Going to gather materials and have the rough cut aluminium plates made up. Time will tell if this works.
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Yeah, here's that auction lot from 2013 (listed as "unidentified"):

Unfortunately they didn't list dimensions for it, but you could use the dimensions of the other gun to extrapolate that.

There's also this auction listing from 2014, which had a broken upper fragment of the same type of gun:

Dune (1984) Beast Rabban (Paul Smith) Stunt Gun & Holster Prop

They gave dimensions for that piece, so you could also use that to figure out the scale (and check it against the other auction dimensions).

That auction also listed the gun as being attributed to the Beast Rabban (but I'm not sure how they may have arrived at that conclusion). So the design may or may not actually be Sardaukar. I definitely don't think you can go by the toys - the other gun that they produced was mis-named as the Tarpel gun...


...when in actuality that design was the Needle gun:

making of dune.jpg

needle gun.jpg

This is the Tarpel gun:

tarpel gun.jpg

And the concept design for the Sardaukar pistol in the Making of DUNE book...

sardaukar pistol.jpg

... was listed as a Harkonnen pistol in this auction lot:

So, who the hell knows what's what? :unsure:

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Brilliant - thank you both for the photos. Would never have seen them otherwise. May add some additional detail and adapt the current design based on them.

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Firing grid attached, frame shaped, grips halfway there.

Next up: create trigger, create clip, finish grips, shape perspex/lucite covers and other parts then solder and install electronics, polish and blue the frame, apply black wrinkle to the grips and final assembly.


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