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    Hey Guys I want to take this time to do a Shout to Russ of WidgetWorksUnlimited in NY. After reading an email of mine about a purchase I made from them..Russ is sending me a 24"x24" vacuum forming machine to help further my interests and also help get my fellow Wounded Warriors a new skill that's fun and creative!

    Let me give ya'll some background on this. Some of you already know but I'm a Wounded Warrior @ Ft Bragg, NC. I was wounded by 6 different explosions during my tour in Iraq. I was diagnosed to have Mild Traumatic Brain Injury for each time. Well...come fast forward and I use my model building now to increase my Hand and Eye coordination and my organizational skills. I also brought my hobby to a few other Wounded Warriors here.

    That's where Russ came in with a missing order I had. He helped me with AAA service and not only made good but also gave me the above mentioned machine for me to bring a few extra skills to the group. If any of you are into Vacu-forming...please take a gander at their stuff. It's the least I could do after he's help support Myself and the other Wounded Warriors here at Ft Bragg.

    This was also posted Verbatim in our fellow forums.

    I hope you all have a fantastic Holiday and God Bless!

    SFC Michael D. Lakowski
    Warrior Transition Battalion
    Ft Bragg, NC

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