Rubies Vader/Padme/Luke/Leia (Tantive IV pic)


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I've been a lurker on this forum since the Rubies Supreme Vader costume was released. I want to say thanks to the many that contribute to this forum that helped me make my decision and also those that posted DIY's for the little tweaks and mods to it. I finally got registered and wanted to post a pic of me and my family from Halloween.

I'm only 5'9 so I'm sporting some platform boots to make up for the height. My wife is Padme, son is Luke (unfortunately no Luke specific costume was available so we just used the normal "Jedi" version), and my daugther is Leia. As you can see from my son's impromtu facial expression, he's probably in line to be a Sith next year. :p

My Supreme Rubies Vader costume was tailored for my height (took in the arms, legs and shortened the cape). My boots have 3 inch heels. For the mask I installed a fan, custom padding, voice breather, foam neck brace (just some craft foam and velcro to cover the neck), and new lenses.

For next year I'll be working on figuring out a good voice changer. I'm looking for suggestions for any good ones.

I also want to say thanks to JD at for the FX sabers. Unfortunately my son isn't holding his in this picture but Jeff went out of his way to replace a Luke ROTJ FX I got from him that arrived broken a week before Halloween so my son could have it Halloween night.

Appreciate any comments. I'm mainly on the forums so so can hit me up there too.





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Great photo.... Great family... its so cool when you have a wife that "plays" along, and you know the kids love all the props... Welcome.



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Great family picture. Thanks for sharing it with us.

It does look from your son's expression as if he's ready to follow in his father's footsteps to the Dark Side. But you never know. Maybe he'll end up saving you. :)

By the way, where was your photo taken? Love the setting.


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Thanks for the replies. My son likes Star Wars just as much as me. Wife like Star Wars too but wouldn't probably dress up if not asked. Daugther is still too young to make the decision herself so I figured I'd start her early. :p

My cousin in law is a master at Photoshop. The picture was actually taken in our well lit garage. He cut us out and placed us on the Tantive IV background which I found by searching for wallpapers on the web. I also have another one he did which I'll need to find and try to post it up too.


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Originally posted by Trooper TK409+Jan 3 2006, 01:40 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Trooper TK409 @ Jan 3 2006, 01:40 PM)</div>
Looks fantastic. Where did you get the nice big clean background photo?

Googled for Star Wars Wallpapers. Have to dig through them and look for the high quality ones.

@Jan 3 2006, 07:28 PM
vader needs to bulk.
hehe just buggin ya.
nice pics

Haha yeah. I'm doing what I can at 5'9'' and 150 lbs. I was thinkin about wearing one of those muscle suits under it but the gear is already hot enough as it is. :lol

I just posted above another Photoshop pic that we used for our Christmas cards. Its a bit closer up so it hides my height better. For the purists though, it's not right because its a clone wars background. Eh, its all in fun anyway.
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