RS Props Y-wing helmet


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If anyone needs/wants to back out of their spot or wants to sell their helmet once completed I am your huckleberry! ;)

Yorkie Fett

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I think it’s £400 plus postage i don’t think any will be sent out till things ease up. I asked RS as I purchased one if there armour kits on lockdown special yesterday.
Missed out on their sale as I took too long thinking about it!
Boy those armour sets were snapped up quickly, any one know how many were sold before they ended the sale?


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I placed an order for a TK kit on 3/23. It arrived on 3/26 in the US. Pretty impressive speed.
Thats probably their main product so they can hammer the kits out quickly. And since they use UPS for shipping thhey get past most postal delays, too


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It’s been really cool seeing how much attention to detail they seem to be giving the Y-Wing helmets! Personally, I’m willing to wait as long as it takes for them to get it right. But no doubt the bastard covid19 has messed things up a bit.

Yorkie Fett

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I believe it was only for the TK kit. The sale was mentioned on one of their YouTube videos. It only lasted a few days.
It was indeed. Bloody good deal as well!
If it wasn’t for the fact I’ve got 2 TMs and an Anovos to get started on, I’d have been seriously annoyed on leaving it too late!