RS Props Y-wing helmet


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For those who didn't know, you can subscribe to their news letter (this is where they announced the helmet) via their Facebook page.


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On the newest RS YouTube video, the guys say they're hoping to get the first 10 or so (maybe 15??) out...... by Christmas!!!

& then right when I was thinking how cool it would be to be in the car with these guys..... I really appreciate watching the video.
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Yorkie Fett

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There’s a new update RS props video up on YouTube.
Current progress on the Y wing helmet- looks fantastic!
Sounds like the first 25 will be sent out by Christmas (which of you lucky people will having something nice under the tree to open?).


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Its on the invoice I got from them with the deposit we paid. I hope that is what it means anyway ha I’m probably number either way looking great from the video.


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RS posted an update on the progress of these on their YouTube page! Looking goooood! Apparently the first few may be done before the end of the year.

Yorkie Fett

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One year to the day since I paid my deposit. Thinking it shouldn’t be long till we see these- I know they had sourced decals/greeblies and were putting these on a few weeks ago.
Suppose it’s just a case of waiting for balance requests.
Has any one here been in contact with them?