RS Propmasters X-Wing Helmets


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Not a fan of all these collaborations or exclusive offerings for Facebook groups and the like, where you have to pay attention not just to RS but also random other groups and pages.

That being said, I don’t personally like the Dak paint scheme at all (too plain,) so I would pass on this anyways. But if you missed out, I think that a non-signature edition helmet paired with a signed photo makes for a better display, especially since you can use your own stand (I didn’t like the old RS stands or the current ones.)

It’s getting crazy, though. Seems as though people have realized that these helmets sell for significant markups on eBay and elsewhere, and they’re selling out a lot faster than a few years ago.


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AJK001 russellsch You're not missing out.

Believe it or not, there was a relatively short time where - at least for me - it was enjoyable. Following artists, makers, fans of common interests, in addition to occasionally connecting with friends. I liked it. But its slow deterioration was always constant, and the arrogance of thinking that its algorithms knew more about what I liked than what I followed by trying to sell me crap I had no interest in quickly made it pointless. Deleting my account was awesome though.

To get back to the helmet, Jagjaguwar I agree that Dak's is the plainest of all helmets, but it would have been cool to have anyway.
Bummed that it was an exclusive, and to be excluded.


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I agree that Dak's is the plainest of all helmets, but it would have been cool to have anyway.
Bummed that it was an exclusive, and to be excluded.
I’m interested in seeing how well the weathering that’s on the screen-used translates over. There’s not a ton of paint on there but the rebel symbols do have some distinctive scratches that I hope they can replicate.

And, of course some of my prior statement may be partly a way of dealing with a lack of space and an attempt to not collect *all* the different variants… :lol:

Congrats to those who got one and here’s hoping for more cool sig editions soon!

As for Facebook: agreed that if you aren’t on there you aren’t missing much. When it first started it was great. I was a college student at the time, in the time just before everyone had a cell phone. Worked well to coordinate parties and keeping up with friends after school ended. But these days it feels like it’s designed to make you feel bad, either because of the terrible things people tend to want to talk about publicly, or because the algorithms make it seem like everyone else is doing great things all the time.


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A few Dak style helmets were also used in ANH, and in fact a couple of these are some of the only OT X wing helmets that survive. I like the background stunt style simplicity.
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I am not a fan of the exclusive offerings either. Some people who have been loyal customers for years may not even know about the product if they aren't members of the right groups. Some people don't want to be on Facebook at all. The Hyperdrive admins won't let me join because I don't have enough Facebook activity (Facebook friends, avatar, etc.). I have bought many helmets directly from RS Propmasters over the years. It is annoying to not even have the opportunity to buy certain products because of how they were offered.


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I understand everyone’s negative feelings towards Facebook, I share many of them myself. That said, I love some of the Star Wars collector groups, namely Rogue One 6 and The Hyperdrive. They are fantastic communities. I absolutely don’t use Facebook in the traditional sense, I’m only there for those groups and a few others.

For those having issues joining The Hyperdrive, I would urge you to message Christian-Alexander Goelz, who is the group’s founder. He is a great guy, and I’m sure he would welcome you to the group. Maybe link him to your RPF profile to show him you aren’t a bot?

Regarding group exclusives, I think they are great. Besides exclusive helmets, The Hyperdrive often offers unique autograph runs for plaques/photos, the most recent one being Anthony Daniels. Rogue One 6 is a smaller group, but also has a few exclusives coming, the RS Concept Snowtrooper Maquette and an Enfys Nest statue from MYC.


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Small update. My 'generic' white X-Wing helmet originally came from RS with an amber visor rather than a smokey one. Today, after returning from some travel, I was pleased to find that, unannounced, RS had sent to me a replacement smokey version to swap in:



Many thanks! Props to the true Propmasters! :)



Standing by for Gold Leader... :)



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Do they take commissions any time for X wing helmets? I want to order Luke's Red Five helmet but it always says coming soon on their website.

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