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    Building IM MK VI...

    Started off well, struggled with the bicep's and had to cut apart and alter.

    As a result some bits are rougher than others.

    Also I'm getting better as I go i.e. My back piece looks like a pro built it, but the bi's not so good.

    My question is once PVA'd and painted, how much does it show?

    Also do I water down my PVA? If so what's the mix equation?

    Thanks in advance... :)

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    66 views and not 1 reply?

    Come on guys, really need some help here?
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    Depending on how rough the biceps are, I'd either remake them since your skills have improved or lightly sand down any rough spots.
    The PVA should fill in any minor spots, if applied full strength. You can smooth it out a bit with water.
    For coating the entire piece, thin it to a consistency of milk, maybe a 2:1 PVA to water.

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    Cheers mate ur advice and assistance is appreciated.

    The bi's have by far been the hardest part, partially because originally I built them all level - rather than sunken in which meant I had to pull a part.

    My costume needs to be finished by 31st, so I'll PVA and prime and then make a judgement call. Might remake or do them as battle damaged :)

    Thanks for the hint on the PVA!

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