Romulan Bird-Of-Prey from TOS-FINISHED with VIDEO!!!

I am working on this kit too inspired by your work if it turns out half as good as yours I will be pleased. a couple questions, what size round tubing did you use and what size bulbs 3 mm or 5mm for lighting the windows

Are you asking what size plastic tubing the LEDs fit into or what size brass tubing I used for making the round sensor ports? The tubing for the LEDs was actually the frosted hub dental floss winds around found inside Glide dental floss dispensers. Being frosted they serve to diffuse and disperse the light better in all directions-sort of like a frosted white lampshade. Sizewise they are about 9/32" diameter. The brass tubing for the round ports is 1/16" (.060) diameter. The bulbs are 5mm "ultrabright" white LEDs I got at Radio Shack.
thank you you answered my questions I have drilled my "windows" to 3/32" and am almost done inserting and gluing a ton of 3/32" tubing with a 1/16 inside dia which should work with the 1/16 flourecant rod if I can find some unless I want to buy 100" from hobbylinc
your awsome build really inspired me to redo my bop that I did last year i broke it down using simple green and basicly had a new kit (minus decals of course) everything came apart pretty good and if all goes well it will look awsome
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