Roco Tanks used on the Probe Droid?

Rick Deckard

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Hi Folks!

In the last weekend, i was seeing the photos of the Probe Droid displayed in the "Star Wras Chronicles" and in the pic that show the bottom of the model, i did discover two parts that looks like the gun turret from Roco Flakpanzer Gepard "model# 270". Please, Someone would confirm this?





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This is correct, I have these already for my Probedroid that I'm working on. You will need 2.

The barrels were cut off on these for the Droid. We also see that the radar dish that sits on the turret has fallen off during the years as they're not on in the pictures I've seen from MoM.

Rick Deckard

Well-Known Member
Hi EchoLeader!

That's good!
I will try to get 2 of this tank!

By the way... You are making a nice work on your Probe Droid model!

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