PROBE DROID - Here comes trouble!


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I wanted to build a model of the Probe Droid from the day I saw it when Empire was first released, and now I am finally diving in to it.

Screen Shot 2024-03-01 at 5.37.13 PM.png

Special thanks to members Moffeaton for his amazing Probe Droid ID archive thread with its shopping list of model kits needed, and also to MarsAttack and Satazius for sharing dimensions of the body and head so I could make my vacuform patterns.

It has taken me a few years to gather all the kits for the greeblies, but I've finally got them. So the next step was making the shells. I have a 12'x18" vacuformer, but the patterns for the PD body is too big to fit on it, so I needed to find a larger machine.

I was hoping to pull the shells using the same 24" vacuformer that ILM used on the original Probe Droid which has been in the 32TEN studios model shop until this year. Unfortunately, 32TEN closed its doors recently, and the tools were sold off. So I turned to another friend who had a large vacuformer.

Enter the lovely and talented Adam Savage! I turned the patterns on his lathe, so as soon as we can get his vacuformer out of storage, I'll pull the first set of parts. I can't wait!

Here are the patterns I made. Wish me luck!

PD Pattern 1.JPG

PD Pattern 2.JPG

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