Interest Rocketeer Rocket Pack and Harness screen accurate ***Deposits closed


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Hey guys

Yes I am still on this. Had to move shops and get a new one set up..not a planned thing.

I am still working on getting the engines accurate and all the pieces printed out. The main shell is pretty close to done and the grills are done. I still have a couple of things to make and some rivets to install. And the TIe rod ends are on the way according to the shipper. I have the 1/2 round pieces for the engine flaps and the template for the flaps themselves. Working out the best thickness for the aluminum for the flaps and what rod I will end up using for the connector rods. I am also trying to figure out what I can do for the buckle for everyone who is still interested in the harness.

I will update this thread more often now I am settled. But I assure you I will be making these as soon as I have everything ready and accurate.


Thought this would be done by now, anyone want to buy my slot for $300.00 ?
Have to move on as any new info is so slow for all these months.
I'm sure that this will be an excellent build but really have just run out of patience.
I need to move on,
Rocketeer, I no longer want a complete finished pack as I already have one, please refund my $300.00
Not sure how to do this but my interest in this project has gone else ware.
Let me know how to proceed !

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Just add to the above post. I’m willing to wait for this completed run but the issue I have is that a bunch of deposits of $300 were taken and. I thing is happening . If the money were used for materials, time worked on the project, etc, then that’s great. Problem is, nothing is actually happening with this. You’re essentially just sitting (or were sitting) on a few thousand dollars from us. This can’t go on indefinitely and there should be some progress, otherwise I agree, the people that put deposits down should be offered the chance of a refund.


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Hey guys

Sorry but I was trying to get a few things done during the holiday season . All the money I collected was used for buying supplies, working on the mold to cast the master pack, work on the master cast, take multiple casts of the pack to get enough casts to work on vents etc.. I have put well over 100-150hrs just working on the hull.. then there are 300 rivets I need to place exactly where the originals are.
I have also cast several base pieces for the engines, working on the parts I cant source in 3D to print and master.. I have gone through 3 different models..and different models to try and get the engines exactly like the originals..
Some things held me up like waiting for things to ship here, getting the wrong pieces, ordering more.. waiting for models.. printing and reprinting. All this has cost way more time and money than I have collected or thought was going to be the case when I started this.
I did tell everyone this will be a long process since I have to source or recreate pieces that no longer exist or can be found.

I have an engine model now that I am printing. I also have the smaller thin vents done and I am printing as I write this. so when I have finished prints I will be updating with those pics every time one finishes

Most of the work I have been doing on the hull would not make very good updates since its smoothing it out and making lines crisp.. primer, sand etc.. but with the parts printing, and vents being done I will get them placed and take more pics.

Again I am sorry for everyone waiting, but I am working on this as much as I can, still waiting for some more source photos from a hero pack to get a couple of parts just right :)

I also had a production made helmet shipped to me and I will be molding that very soon as I work away at the pack.. this will be offered to everyone on the run as well.

Here are some pics of the engines I am in the process of printing, prepping for print and starting to assemble as they come off the printers.

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 4.08.21 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-12-27 at 4.13.18 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-12-27 at 4.17.31 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-12-27 at 4.26.28 PM.png


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I'm so disappointed I don'y have the founds for this one. :(
It's gonna be awesome. I can't wait to see all the progresses on the rocket, the harness and the activator.
I'f you find a way to produce the buckles in metal, I'd be interested for at least two sets. ;)


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Just wanted to keep up with some updates. Had to print a couple times to get an accurate size to the exhaust and the hull.. but the test prints are done..for one side and are some pics. I started printing the good copy for the opposite side now and should have some more to show after the weekend. They are mirrored and on a slight angle so there will be a left and a right side..yay :p more work and molds.



I am the one who has lost interest in this project time wise and would sell my position if The Rocketeer agrees, here is what I agreed to :

" I am willing to pay for all completed items, along with all electronics.
I want your best completed pack and accessories and will send you additional funds, just PM me and I will make sure you are paid".

Any slot changes has to be approved by The Rocketeer and new buyer must commit to my agreement with The Rocketeer for a totally completed pack with all options !

I am committed to pay The Rocketeer for this completed Pack and will do so unless a new buyer agrees to all these terms.

Thank you,


Please let me out of this project !
I get things done as a military officer and Aviation Department Manager all the time.
This has taken to long with no updates and I will no longer fund this never ending project !
Just refund my $300.00 and you will never hear of me again.
I am done, never has a project
taken so long with almost no updates.
Please refund my money !!!!!
I will not change my mind, Send me my Deposit of $300.00 !!!!!


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i was just thinking about this project a few months back but haven't contributed since i've been busy with another run myself. i however am not backing out, but would like to know that it is still active as we are coming up (or past?) a year anniversary since the project started.

hope things are moving along, looking forward to a conclusion soon in any case.