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Can someone with some Adobe Illustrator skills take and redraw this OCP Logo from Robocop Prime Directives for me? A vector file maybe. I have some paper and sticker uses for it. I've never been great with Illustrator. I figured this sub forum was a good place to request this. Thanks

So I took RafalFett's freshly re-drawn OCP logo and printed it out on paper. I sized it to fit this scrap of wood I cut years ago to use as a front emblem for my old flat black beater truck. It was a Chevy Silverado in a former life. I removed the front Chevy logo and decided to make up some different logos I could switch out as I wanted. I bought the Detroit Police License plate from Celebrity Machines. That was cool, but then I realized I could use the Robocop Prime Directives version of the OCP logo and put it on the emblem. So, with some scrap wood, machine screws, wood filler, spray paint and Mod Podge, this is what I whipped up. Thanks again, RafalFett. Look what you made me do! :D


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