robert englund lifecast and a few new gloves


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Well i just got this in today, a lifecast of robert englund, planning on doing some new freddy stuff so this is great referrance

The eyes have been resculpted open, i think i will change that.
I also just about finished a new workshop, so i can display some stuff thats been sat in boxes for a while,

heres my fred gloves done by Dean and Andy from stuff4nightmares, left to right a generic fred, a part 1, then 2, and a three, hoping to get the rest of them and i am working on the flesh gloves myself. i also have a few hocks from ruste dowg, great work.
heres the new space, just waiting on some power to be put in


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Hey Frosty

Cool workshop brother.. Wish my shed was that clean of dust.

And nice Freddy gloves. May have to get one of those myself.

Is the Engludn lifecast a 'Haunted Studios' one that you have repainted?




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not sure on the lifecast, got it in a trade, for display i think a bronze finish is better.
Thanks , it will will get plenty dusty over the years. got to look after this one a bit more than i did the last one, even got me a vac just for it.


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cool workshop man,wish i had one at all :( i have one as a work in progress,anyways how much did you pay for the pt 2 glove?


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Thanks guys,
The part two i got in yet another trade.not sure how much, i will shoot him an email and ask him


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Its only clean as its new, give me a coupla weeks it will get messy, :)
Well the guy i had to do the electric work has disappeared, so for now i have just run an extension through, it will do fine for now.
A couple of people have mailed asking where i got the shed, it was two smaller sheds that we changed into one big one(i wouldnt be much of a prop maker if i made it as normal straight from the box :p )
The ones we could find at the right size where to expensive or too much like a summerhouse,
The two cost me roughly £600.