Right Fine pistol


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First off, Many thanks to Phil.

Now with no further rantings Here is my newley finished Mal pistol.
It took one full day of sanding, priming (sp?) and painting




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I just went to a wierd gameing store in my local mall and got some black primer, did 3 coats two light and one heavy. Then I got 2 colors from citadel paints,
Tin Blitz 61-58 and Chaos Black 61-51.
just basically put the Tin Blits everywhere but the handel, which I used a walnut brown spraypaint for, I then coated the Chaos Black over the tin blits and when i had done a few coats and it was dry I sanded down high spots to simulate he holster and handeling wear.
Thats pretty much it.


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Nice work. Here's the one I just finished...stuck it in my Count Dooku display box.


I love this series...would like to see if brought back to sci-fi channel someday to continue the saga.


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I liked your paint job so much, I found a place that had CITADEL TIN BLITZ paint and am in the process of repainting mine. I still have to add the black top coat, but I think the TIN BLITZ color more closely matches how the prop looked on screen.

Seems like this has happened to me before...with Klingon TOS gun -- I paint 'er up, and then come across other reference that nags at me to repaint. Uggghh.

Anyways, after looking at screen caps again, the pistol does seem to have an overall brown/bronze color to it, and as nice as my gold/black paint job looked, your paint job seemed to more closely match the actual piece. Thanks for sharing pics and paint techniques.

I'll post a pic when I get mine done.

Of course, now watch someone come along and do a licensed version of this piece.


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I'm just getting around to seeing this, too. Mal's pistol is probably Number One on my current Want List.

Forgive my ignorance, but are these all resin, or Airsoft-type replicas with resin kits and modifications?


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The kits on this post were cast from the original prop and made available from a fellow board member -- if you search the forum for mal's gun or firefly, you are bound to find the person who offered it.

Another board member offers a very nice version as well.

e-mail me for details if you can't locate them on forum.


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Mal's pistol was based (if you can call it a base) on a Taurus revolver. The only part of the revolver showing on the actual prop is the trigger and triggerguard. The rest is custom, including the grips. There are more knowledgeable people around that can give more info on the model of Taurus and such.


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The particular model is a clone of the S&W j-frame. If anyone is looking to build a "real" one, I'd suggest a S&W model 60 with an exposed hammer -- the "hump" on the hammerless versions would'nt fit in the shell. A model 36 would work as well, but I'd personally like to have the option of .357 in addition to .38. If you're only throwing blanks, might as well look for a used 36 -- it'll be cheaper, and the Taurus cheaper still.

The barrel does line up to the real one, so if and when I get around to building v1.0 of a "real" one (if I can ever get a decent shell made) -- I think the best solution would be to have a real octagonal barrel (such as made by Green River, among others) mounted to the S&W frame, along with the custom gripframe.

I'd suggest the same route to others who'd care to try it.
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