Caseless (weyland-yutani) Display Rounds for the Nerf Pulse Rifle


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So, I really wanted some classic 80's looking caseless rounds to display with my nerf pulse rifle once it's done, which is close, but I'm stupid busy right now.

If you're not familiar with the experimental caseless ammo craze of the 80's, well google is your friend, but I suspect most of our members know what I'm talking about, and have at least seen Matsuo's handmade rounds from back in the day.

I have not had much time for personal prop building but I figured this was something I could do quick and easy. Fired up fusion 360 and after a few days of trial and error, got something I really like.

Since the Nerf mag is longer than a M1A1 mag, I wanted these to look more like 10mm caseless rifle rounds, not like the pistol rounds Matt made. I wanted them to fit in the nerf mag too.


Printed them up in black resin on the anycubic, with the intention of painting them up once I had the size where I wanted it.





And landed on a final look that I just deeply love.




Now I know you can't fit 99 of these in a nerf mag, but the round still looks wicked cool stacked up in the mag.

I'm considering creating some other styles of projectiles and creating color variant rounds. Green body/red logo, like that.

What you guys think? Should I do that??

And, if you might also want to print these up to display with your pulse rifles, be my guest. I uploaded 3 files to thingiverse. A body without a projectile, a "projectile", and then one last STL with everything together. Nothing wrong with options.


The only thing I ask if you download and make these is that you post pictures of your builds in this thread so we can keep sharing it.

Hope you guys dig, and thanks for lookin. Keep an eye on my thingiverse page, I'll be uploading more stuff soon.

I'm considering creating some other styles of projectiles and creating color variant rounds. Green body/red logo, like that.

What you guys think? Should I do that??
To be honest, the case should be as disposable-looking as possible. I couldn't imagine in such a real-world siruation that they'd bother to color the outside of the case with a company logo. There are many logistical and functional reason why I wouldn't dream of doing so were I in charge of making such rounds for service use.
I've handled countless small arm, artillery and rocket rounds over a lifetime of collecting/researching ordnance and as an Army officer (while sending as much of the same downrange as I possibly could).
Sure, artillery rounds and some rockets do have markings, but generally small arms ammo is made to cycle through a rifle or pistol. Any paint that in time could gum up the action on a part that would move into an action quickly would in time leave residue that would very hard to clean out of your weapon.
Hey, you asked.
All that said, it looks great. I remember seeing real-life caseless ammo and your take on it, is somewhat plausible.
Yeah, everything you posted is 100% true. I've been around guns and weapons my entire life.

This is fantasy science fiction ammo, not meant to be "real world" at all. I'm a little disappointed I had to write that, but I get it. Almost every gun guy I know is a "that would never happen in real life" person (I'm also guilty of it) while we watch aliens flying around on glowing dragons at war with giant airplanes we will say "it's a magazine not a clip". I think it has to do with us feeling like we have to correct the constant, and often egregious, firearms related inaccuracies in movies and TV. And we also only need half a reason to impart our knowledge of said weaponry. ;)

No, they don't paint logos on ammo, for the reason you said, but they do stamp them on the heads of cartridges, and brand the every loving crap out of everything related to ammo they manufacture. Frankly I don't see a reason why the fictional futuristic company Weyland-Yutani would not stamp their fictional logo into the fictional ammunition they make for their own entirely fictional weapons.

But yeah, I get it.
I really like the design you’ve come up with. Similar the real caseless rounds, but future looking enough to fit the Aliens universe.

I just started working on caseless ammo to display with my Pulse Rifle. I’ve been basing it on the ammo from Derrick Beana’s pulse rifle manual but trying to make it fit into the Thompson magazine too. I ran a few test prints yesterday but have not checked to see how they fit yet.
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Ah, yes. The Pulse Rifle manual is fantastic stuff. The technical diagrams they created are really nice. Post some photos of what you're doing for your ammo. I'd love to see it.

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