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Rick Baker Mohawk Puppet from Gremlins 2 restored


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hey gang,

This was one of the more challenging restorations to come through the studio... but it's always very satisfying to help preserve a bit of history, especially something from Rick Baker's amazing studio. The foam latex prop (which matches the puppet used during the "toy train" scene and others), was amazingly painted and despite appearances in the "before" pics, was a great candidate for repair. It took weeks of work by many artists on our team, but the end result left us feeling good and our client was thrilled!

You can see many more pics and read all about the process on our site:

And we've been posting about this over the last few weeks on Facebook and Instagram, so please consider giving us a follow :)

Thanks for looking!

Gremlins2-Mohawk-Gremlin-puppet-movie-prop-restoration-1.jpg Gremlins2-Mohawk-Gremlin-puppet-movie-prop-restoration-2.jpg Gremlins2-Mohawk-Gremlin-puppet-movie-prop-restoration-4.jpg Gremlins2-Mohawk-Gremlin-puppet-movie-prop-restoration-5.jpg Gremlins2-Mohawk-Gremlin-puppet-movie-prop-restoration-6.jpg Gremlins2-Mohawk-Gremlin-puppet-movie-prop-restoration-8.jpg Gremlins2-Mohawk-Gremlin-puppet-movie-prop-restoration-12.jpg
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