gremlins 2

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  1. Jansen

    Gremlins 2 flashlight

    Hi, i’m going to make a flashlight from Gremlins 2. Do anyone have the measurements on these? Or maybe have done them?
  2. Welmanshire

    Gremlins 2: George Mogwai replica - Head sculpt in progress

    I have another project on the workbench currently, but it's winter and it's cold in my workshop,so I wanted something I could do easily in my office. I have always wanted to try my hand at making a Mogwai, for this project I have chosen George from Gremlins 2, partially because I like his...
  3. B

    Mogwais - Gremlins The new batch

    Hello everyone, my name is Stefan and I'm from Germany, so first at all i apologize for my english. I wan't to show you my lifesize Mogwais today. They are modeled complete with Mars Clay and the bodys are made of resin. If there are any questions, contact me an I try the best to answer them...
  4. TomSpinaDesigns

    Rick Baker Mohawk Puppet from Gremlins 2 restored

    hey gang, This was one of the more challenging restorations to come through the studio... but it's always very satisfying to help preserve a bit of history, especially something from Rick Baker's amazing studio. The foam latex prop (which matches the puppet used during the "toy train" scene...
  5. B

    4 gremlins 2 lifesize «characters» busts!

    Here are pics of my latest «fan» Gremlins project: a set of 4 «character gremlins» busts from Gremlins 2. Fragile, latex production-used Lenny, George and Daffy «paint test» busts have carefully been recast (Mohawk was cast from an original Kaiyodo kit), in durable polyfoam - as this is meant as...
  6. LokiFenris

    Mogwai and Gremlins Project

    Just started a wee project to sculpt and build some of the characters from the Gremlins franchise. Over the course of the project I hope to make a replica of Gizmo, Stripe (Mogwai form) and the spider Gremlin for the 2nd film plus Stripe in his Gremlin state too. I've started with what I...
  7. Jesuit24

    Daffy Mogwai from Gremlins 2

    I'm taking my first steps into sculpting and mold making for this project. I have experience with fiberglass, bondo, painting and essentially building realistic props from cardboard, so I'm hoping I can work well with this project. So, a very dear friend loves Gremlins and her favourite is...
  8. Chaotica

    30 Years of Gremlins - Behind-the-Scenes Fan Book

    Hey all! After over 3 years of working, my Gremlins fan-book is officially live! It's 250 pages of photos, facts, and anecdotes that tell the making-of story. It includes content from several original interviews I conducted with members of the cast and crew that provide some fascinating...
  9. KurtBergeron

    Original Gremlin Props!

    On Dec. 11, 2013, Knate Higgins and Tim Fife of The Seacoast Repertory Theater in Portsmouth, NH curated one of a series of events called "Let's "B" Reel: Cult Classic Films at The Rep." The point of this incredible evening is to bring audience members together to watch cult classic films and to...
  10. stevieboy1

    my mohawk gremlin life size replica..

    There is a gremlin in my kitchen frowing saucepans in the microwave AGRRRRR!! :behave:behave I have put my First gremlin kit together still lots of gaps that need filling with some putty filler but at least hes all in one pice now. YAY I cant beleive how long it takes to put one of these vinal...
  11. TomSpinaDesigns

    A few new Gremlins 2 restorations...

    Seems like the Mogwai got into the Thanksgiving turkey leftovers! These two were completed some time ago, but we've finally gotten around to getting them on the site. Both were in fair condition, but with some pretty concentrated damaged areas. Mike Thomas quarterbacked the restoration of...

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