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Just saw this new TV spot with a couple new scenes and scoped this gun.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 10.40.44 PM.png

And this is the trailer I spotted it in.

There also appears to be a stormtrooper with an energy weapon fighting Finn and his lightsaber.
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Alright for laellee working on a model for 3D printing... There's a couple more shots of it in coloring books, etc, but that pic of it behind glass is the first up close clear shot I've seen! Good catch!
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I get the feeling that the person who put together this particular example above goofed and screwed the grips onto the opposite sides of where they should be. The top edges are angled differently on most handguns.

It definitely looks like something that could be scratch-built.
I'm thinking the trigger assembly could be built with a MDF core with sheet-metal cladding. Around the edge, use a really thin strip around the grip, and use a really thick piece of sheet metal for the trigger guard.
My favorite new blaster so far. It's new, but feels old.

Looks like it could have been made from a modified linear actuator... Or inspired by one.
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With her being someone that supposedly salvages, I wonder if this is a one off gun that nobody has. Perhaps made from parts from other broken guns. Was there no plaque to tell about the gun in the display?
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