Reverse Flash CW Build

This look awesome man I've been a fan of this show and I think the suits for the flash and reverse flash are amazing! Im just amazed at the progress. I hope I get there some day!
I don't know why, but I kinda love that the mirror shot reversed the Reverse Flash logo. xD

Looks absolutely amazing. Great job on this!

Whelp, you've inspired me. I was originally just going to modify a motorcycle/racing suit, but now... I've gotta aim closer to the bar you've set. Holy cow.

(or purchase one from you if you do a run, which I absolutely would fork over money for)
Thank you! Here goes;

1- What material did you use for the base (What you started with, before adding on all of the chest and shoulder patches?

2- What did you use to attach the patches (I'm using patches here to refer to the central chest and the shoulder pads and such) to the base? I.e. did you hand sew, machine sew, or use adhesive of some kind?

3- What would you say was the rough cost of all the materials involved? (Without including the helmet, just the jacket + pants + belt)

4- What was the cost of the cowl? How did you contact the original creator about purchasing it?

5- What paint would you say best works on the materials you used for the jacket patches AND the base jacket itself?

Those are all for now, thank you so much!
Everything is done with vinyl for the base from ground up, and folded over for the thickness then sewn. Patches same as the base all vinyl, everything you see is viny. With some mixture of netting to make it look like fabric. Materials with out all that about $500. Forgot what i paid for the cowl but The Rocketeer on here did a run of them for a limited time. He is now doing a V2, mine was the V1. Vinyl paint is your best bet.
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