Reverse Flash CW Build


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Hey guys i thought i would post pics of my Reverse Flash costume that is in the works. I have my buddy helping me with the main parts since he is familiar with Vinyl then i am. I'm cheap so we decided to do vinyl instead of leather. And so far it's coming out great for vinyl, the only thing that will be actual leather is the belt. The belt i'm starting on the end of this week, since i just have to mold the belt bolts. And still waiting on the buckle to show up from the 3D printers. If anyone is wanting to build a suit i do offer some pieces to build your own. The chest piece, belt bolts, buckle, and ring. More updates to come.



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It's so beautiful!! *reaches out to touch it*

This will definitely help be an inspiration for my own build ^.^ well done by friend.


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Thanks guys! Just to let everyone know this jacket and pants are made from scratch. They are not from a store bought jacket or anything, all this was made out of yellow vinyl and sewn together in pieces. Since i got a few PMs about. As for the Ab section, you can add something behind it to make it pop out.
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