Return of the Jedi - Back in Theaters

I believe the EU stepped around this error by saying it was a different model of bolt, installed internally, rather than the clunky external bolts seen in the first film.

With digital projection, I've read that movies can come on disc or even be streamed over a secure line.
So I doubt its the typical bluray player...but still, if it WAS just a player like that, I'd be like, here, play this disc instead, which would be Harmy's Despecialized edition. Theater would NEVER do it though.

Back in 2002 when I worked at the theater, with all real film projectors and music that played in the lobby and theaters not showing a movie at the moment that played off a cd. (I've probably told the story before) Since most all the music was really bad music of those early 2000s, I was able to get the cd, copy it, (it was just one long track all mixed together) cut out the real songs on an audio editor and keep the ads, then pick a bunch of music I wanted to hear and then made an hour long mix. Even had a friend make a label that looked close to the original. Had a projectionist put it back in the player....and yeah, a whole month of better songs. A few movie themes, some 60s music, electronic style songs, even a few video game remixes that were a bit hard to tell. One really nerdy guy that wasn't in on it was like, is that Megaman 2 Airman stage remixed? Were all like, no, we have no idea what you're talking about.
Some manangers were even like, theres NO way thats the real cd, but whatever. They weren't going to find out or say anything.
I found out, that had one of the corporate people from the theater, or someone who was high up in that area that got the music on those real cds had shown up to our theater and heard a fake soundtrack, the theater would have probably been in some big Oh well, been 21 years later, so all good.
And after that... We really need to hear these toons!
Honestly, i don't think "Navigator on a spice freighter" was written in the context as we now know it to be. I mean, we already know Uncle Owen isn't the best liar("Yeah...uh...he died about the same time as your father") lol, and it would be hard for me to believe his Uncle, who is just trying to protect him, along with Obi-wan , would be that cruel. "Luke...i'm trying to hide the fact that your father is Darth Vader, a murderer, so i think i should just tell you he is the drug cartel version of DXL instead...sleep peacefully on that, son." I just don't think that's the intent.

In fact, spice had no negative connotation until way later in the clone wars cartoon...

I tend to believe Owen and Beru...yes, don't forget about Beru because she's part of the cover-up too, loved Luke immensley and were trying to protect him at all costs. When i found out the truth why i didn't have a Daddy i was told bits and pieces over the course of 25 years. In the past 4 years i've uncovered the truth about it completely and now i know why i wasn't told the full story...i wouldn't have been able to either, understand it fully, nor emotionally handle it. We just don't know WHEN Luke was told anything except, obviously when Force Ghost Obi revealed the truth...and not the whole truth because he never mentioned anything about Lukes Mom.
I hate that the word, "spice" became a euphemism for narcotics in AGFFA. So now, Owen basically told Luke his dad was a drug-runner. How considerate of him. Then Luke assertively 'corrects' Ben Kenobi after Ben tells him the truth. I gotta say if my dad was a drug-runner, I wouldn't be so quick to relay that factoid to anyone.

It's very simple. Owen told Luke his father was a navigator on an actual spice freighter because in the Star Wars universe, that's probably considered a mundane job and Owen didn't want to build up Anakin to be something Luke would want to emulate. Spices have always been a high commodity in the world. AGFFA wouldn't be any different in that regard. No need to 'spice' things up as it were.
I had a “death watch” party for the mando season finale…

View attachment 1700057

Bantha cream cookies.. wampa claw cakes… endor log cake.. maul berries, mustafar rock cookies, blue and green milk, a little spotchka and of course tatooine’s finest spice…
View attachment 1700058
With that tatooine spice you're an honorary Skywalker...You see, it's easy!!! Anyone can be a Skywalker!!! lol that you?
I don't watch tv anymore and only catch shows that look really interesting, which might be one a year. Plus, watching anything alone is even more boring....had I lived closer to you....and not invited...well, good thing you guys are wearing masks......
More then welcome to crash with us, every Friday night was mando night. Come august it will be ahsoka night

Only thing that sucks is I live off the internet from Wednesday morning to Friday night.. don’t want to be spoiled
Luke's father being a navigator a spice freighter:

I always figured that some spices were more legal than others in the SW world.

Look at our world. You can go to jail for cooking crystal meth or you can get a prescription for other types of meth. The same prescription opiates are legal or illegal depending on who is holding them. Etc.

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