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Discussion in 'Site Support & News' started by propcicle, Aug 8, 2005.

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  1. propcicle

    propcicle Well-Known Member

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    How long has the report button been here? I just noticed this a bit ago. New changes afloat at the RPF... indeed.

  2. WinstonWolf359

    WinstonWolf359 Sr Member

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    It's part of some new features we're trying out.

    They *just* came online, so don't worry, they haven't been there a while and you've just missed 'em. :)

  3. Adar Tallon

    Adar Tallon New Member

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    So what does the button do exactly?
  4. PropReplicator

    PropReplicator Sr Member Gone but not forgotten.

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    I like the feature, saves having to copy and paste stuff into a PM to the mods. Also generates a link for the mods to follow to the post in question, IIRC. Nice feature.

    But, we still need the Feedback Forum, IMO. The "Report" button benefits and features in no way replace the benefits and features of the Feedback Forum. They're not in any way addressing the same needs.

  5. The Dude

    The Dude Sr Member

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    I guess it is worth a try with this Report button thing...but I have to echo Wayne's sentiments. I do no think it is a replacement for the feedback forum.

    Using all the fancy buttons and whistles of the forum's software may seem like the way to go in order to allow the software to manage the forum...instead of the staff doing it.

    But in the long can really put a lot of distance between the staff and it's members.

    Wait and see.
  6. rocketeer25

    rocketeer25 Sr Member

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    The Report Button was never meant to replace the Feedback Forum. IIRC, under Tom and Wayne's administration, self-policing (which had become rampant during Gav's administration) was done away with. Members are supposed to contact the staff privately if they see something posted that needs to be addressed.

    The Report Button has been put into place to make contacting the staff easier.
  7. rocketeer25

    rocketeer25 Sr Member

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    We've put this thread back into the Tech Forum in order to help members understand the purpose and use of the new Report Button.

    We've also gone through and edited out several of the posts that were not necessary to the thread, especially regarding the Feedback Forum.

    The Feedback Forum Announcements states (emphasis added):

    According to the announcement, the Feedback Forum has been closed temporarily for 60 days. The Report Button was added, not to replace the FF, but to give members an easier way to contact mods regarding specific posts.

    Hope that clears up any questions regarding the Report Button and the future of the Feedback Forum.

    RPF Staff
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