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Discussion in 'Site Support & News' started by skynet, Nov 21, 2018.

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    long story short:

    I‘ve made a deal with a member here - sent the funds, never got the item (but instead many excuses and an almost hilarious problem solving option).

    Now he doesn‘t react on my PM‘s - I stopped sending them. Senceless.

    The deal was made via PM. I made a WTB thread in the JY regarding some GB items. He contacted me, asked if I‘m interested in a totally different item I look for (but also GB related). Decided to give it a shot, sent the money. Result:

    No tracking number and a load of excuses.

    It‘s obvious he just took my money, never shipped out anything.

    What can I do now? I know the 250 USD are bye bye farewell...

    Under the rules / guidelines I only found topics on bullying / stealing other peoples work.

    I reported him via the report function a week ago - no reactions yet.

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    Did you pay via PayPal using the goods & services option? If so, start a case with them immediately.
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  3. skynet

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    Indeed but sent as gift - so no chance there. I was so stupid...normally I wouldn‘t have done this.
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    You should at least PM Art directly so that you can be sure he knows about it. With the site revamp some things might fall through the cracks.
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    Screw him OUT him!
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    Sending a PM (starting a conversation) to the staff (Art included) is not the best way to address issues. skynet has already done what needed to be done by reporting the member through the site reporting system. Doing it that way creates a record of the issue for the staff as a whole so it will not be limited to a single conversation with one individual staff member.

    Art and I receive tons of messages (now conversations) a day and it gets very difficult to deal with them in an efficient manner but the reporting system is made for that purpose and while you may not get a response (most reports do not need a response), you can be assured that we are aware of the issue. Please take a look at the following thread for specifics regarding reported items.

    Reporting Posts/Conversations/Members to the Staff and Staff Response to Member Concerns
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    If you sent money to a stranger as a gift via PayPal, I'm sorry but you have no one to blame but yourself. I believe it's against the RPF rules for a seller to even ask.
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