Question Junkyard forces 'Buy it now' now button when listing??


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Am I missing something, here? Whenever I post in the JY, I'm forced to tick the box to "create a sale'...this in turn creates a buy button. There is no way to post without doing this.

For those of us who do not wish to use a "BUY IT NOW" button, what are the options? I see where people are simply marking their prices with insane figures and then asking people to simply contact them via the description but surely there's a better way than this?

I do not see any way around this. I just want to post a listing and then have interested parties contact me for terms, shipping, etc. I don't want to use the button.



Art Andrews

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There are currently no options.

We can talk to the app developer and see if they are willing to provide an option for BIN or not, but at the point you remove that option, you are taking away a lot of the purpose of the way the JY runs.


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The problem with the buy it now option is it forces one payment and one shipping option. If you're dealing with an item where customs forms and alternate payment options need to be discussed prior to purchase, it truly makes things difficult.