Interest Metal Green Goblin Pumpkin Bomb Replica from Spider-man (2002)


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Hey RPFers!

I decided that I needed one of these in my collection, and I just wasn't satisfied with the models available online. So I decided to model one up for myself.

Then I thought, while I'm at it, I know I've seen interest over the years from other people, but to my knowledge, no runs had actually been launched.

Long story short, I'd love to get my model machined in aluminum. This can only happen if I can get other people interested as well.

These will feature:
  • Machined aluminum shell, anodized orange
  • Assembles with M2 screws
  • Accurate 4-panel construction of shell
  • Translucent plastic inside
  • Potentially a rubber/elastomaric button on top
  • Bottom panel opens with two screws for access to internals
As of now, I'm not offering electronics with these, but my plan is to seek out someone who can design electronics that could be easily added to it. This is not going to happen prior to the creation of the prop. So once this run is complete, my goal will be to start a second run for the electronics once sourced and created.

These are $500 plus shipping for the base prop. More info to come on an electronics add-on kit.

I'll have a printed prototype very soon.

If you're looking to get on the list, please fill out THIS GOOGLE FORM

Interest List:
  1. spiderfan11
  2. spiderfan11
  3. spiderfan11
  4. theRealArt (Instagram)
  5. kevjones2009 (instagram)
  6. GregDay (Paid in full)
  7. Anthony melaragno (Instagram)
  8. koalakactus (Instagram) (Deposit Paid)
  9. ImranPatel (Facebook)
  10. BlindVoyeur



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  • Pumpkin Bomb
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I also want to add that I’ve done multiple runs of machined metal pieces to completion, including:

-Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning key
-Scream 3 voice changer
-Riddler Tucker from The Batman

See the results:


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Signed up
Awesome! Thanks for the interest, Greg!

Also, here are some photos of my 3D printed prototype. Will be making a few minor adjustments to the model.


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A little update on these. I was working with some coders this weekend to start thinking through the electronics.

While the plan is still to make the electronics available after the prop is made, I want to know how it will all come together, and I believe we’ve pinned down the basic design. I’m looking to use a set of neopixel rings as well as the 8 5mm LEDs around the top ring. Sound is being looked at next. I found some sound clips from the trilogy that will work well.


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So I’ve gotten a handful of quotes back to get these machined.

My plan is to have 15 sets made. This will include:
-orange anodized aluminum body pieces
-resin printed inner globe and button
-LEDs for the top ring
-screws for assembly

The price on these will be $500 plus shipping. I’m going to start reaching out to those on the list to collect payments.
Invoices have all been sent via PayPal. I will also duplicate those messages here just for redundancy.

If you didn’t get an invoice for some reason, let me know and I will make sure you get it.

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