Replica Catwoman Cowl & Goggles?


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Does anyone know where I can find a Cowl & Set of goggles that matches any of these interpretations of Catwoman? Thank You!



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ooh, i just saw someone with the best interpretation of this suit, i'm not sure if it was on here or another board, please hold while i check my history.
I was fortunate enough to see Shawn's (Reevz) piece in person at Mega Con, as well as two others. They are fantastic. Smooth, clean, sexy lines, perfect thickness, outstanding symmetry, and the texture is really really cool and well thought out (Great for photography). Dareth I say (Forgive me Shawn; this is a compliment, lol), they look machined, they are so well sculpted and produced. From the pics of the goggle masters, I am convinced those, as well, will not be anything less than impressive, either...
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