Removing Paint from resin

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Hi everyone, weather looks like its going to be getting better here in Chicago, so I can get to this hobby and repainting a Howard P1 bust...and I brought with me, more questions!!
Does anyone know any effective methods for removing Createx paint from resin without damaging the bust? I don't know about alcohol, but I do know acetone would completely mess up the poor guy.
Or should I just simply paint over it?
Any input is appreciated


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DON\'T PAINT OVER IT!!!! That won\'t work at all, and it\'ll only cause more frustration when you see more of your own paint coming off. The only thing you can do is remove as much of the paint as possible (right down to the resin), wash it, and use a good primer before you start the repaint.

There is no \"easy\" way to remove paint from resin, but it depends on how easy it flakes off. I\'ve had to do that a few times, and each depended on how much the paint was sticking to the resin. The easiest way is to use a metal dental tool or something metallic that can rub the paint off with little damage to the resin. If that doesn\'t work, try a wire brush, but that will no doubt leave scratches on the resin. In the case of your Howard bust, scratches aren\'t a bad thing - it will just look like wrinkles and blend in with the skin.

Here\'s a pic of a resin head that I had to use a wire brush on to remove all of the peeling primer:





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the other way to remove the paint from resin is with Brake fluid it will it will not harm the resin you can try on a small area to test
later you have to wash several times to eliminate the brake fluid so you don't get a quimical reaction with your new paint job

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@ PredatrHuntr
Thanks for the picture references! Only some small areas of paint are flaking off, so i guess I dont have to run down the whole thing with a brush. It's just the cheek area, where there are most wrinkles, so I guess the primer didn't make it between the channels.
Thanks for the idea, I might just try that if my toothbrush fails
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