Removing epoxy or glue?


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Hey guys, long time lurker and admirer of some great work here! I mostly collect but someday hope to learn and create some items on my own.
Anyways I recently purchased the Master Replicas studio scale Snowspeeder from a fellow collector and noticed their is a noticeable amount of glue that is on the side of one of the laser cannons. Anyone have any recomendations on what solvent or anything that may remove this without hurting the paint finish of the model? I'm not sure if it is some sort of glue like epoxy or something else but it's appearance is glossy and brown.


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Lowes and Home Depot have a product in the paint department called Goof may work if you use a Q-tip surgically.....also there are wipes called Painters Swipes that have a weaker chemical that could do the trick...xylene,denatured alcohol,lacquer thinner will be way to strong


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keep in mind goof off removes paint, thats what it's for, it has naptha in it, im not sure if it wont melt plastic as well.