Remote rocker switch for LED?


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I have some LEDs in a helmet, half red and the other half blue. I have an on-on rocker switch to change the colors turning one set one and the other off.

Does anyone know of a remote control setup that can mimic a rocker switch? I have found remotes for a single strip and remotes for color changing leds (which had I known those existed I would have done those.)

I really don't want to change out the leds as that will mean rebuilding the helmet and buying a whole set of leds.


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Is your rocker switch DPST with center off?
Are you powering them with one common leg back to power and the other "switched" from the
center leg of the switch?

Maybe a simple remote control using an on-board relay?
Some remote controls are used for after market alarms with a small key-fob.



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Not knowing your current setup, I can only speculate on how your LEDs are wired (parallel or series), with resisters or not, quantity, power source, common positive or negative, switched pos./neg.,etc.
So the drawing below is just for reference only.


You can use a remote control that has an internal relay, but it will have to use your existing power source your using for the LEDs
or you will have to provide another pwr. source for the receiver and it's relay circuit.