Refurbishing Dead Space RIG


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So I got this RIG several years ago, made for me by someone else. I honestly haven't touched it much and I wore it once.

It's been sitting on a shelf in my work area for two months now and decided I want to try and refurbish it and make it look more "correct" than it is. Maybe even have it good to go by Denver Comic Con. Will probably be asking questions on here since I have never worked with EVA foam before and will be taking pictures of my progress for critique.

Problems I plan on fixing.

  • He didn't use any of the Unitologist symbols like I had asked him to. He just slapped them on there. Repainting it all and adding the correct symbols along with better weathering, nicks, and more blood splatters. [making the unitology script actually say something instead of just random symbols]
  • The helmet was huge. Doesn't even fit me and makes me look like a bobble head. The only thing that can be salvaged are the LED's.
  • Shoulder armor was HUGE too, never stayed on. These must be completely remade.
  • Stasis Module on the arm is huge, need to make it smaller.
  • Replace the lights in the RIG and Stasis meter with white LED's instead of blue. [I don't remember why he used blue in the first place when I asked for white...]
  • Shirt doesn't fit now [lost weight since then] so I have to figure out how to bring in the slack without having to start over completely.
  • Re make the strap around the waist
  • Put the RIG up higher on my back, trim off the end that hangs over my butt.
  • Half of what keeps the stuff on me is velcro, and is very noisy to walk around in and things fall off all the time. Thinking about using industrial strength magnets. Thoughts?
  • New gloves and probably new pants. The pants are literally just spandex and make my butt way more visible than I'd like it to be. My butt must be flat like Isaac's.
  • Add LED's to the stasis module and the chest piece.
  • find where the heck I put my plasma cutter and slap some LED's on that thing.

Bad photos because I had to take them myself, but you get the idea. Also just used a random nerf gun, haha. Might mod it so it looks like the pulse rifle.
Any ideas, links to good tutorials, and any critique would be greatly appreciated.




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Some new images :eek:
Also got a heat gun and a hand-held blowtorch/soldering tool and proceeded to burn the hair off my arm at least three times. It's not cosplay unless you get hurt.

Before I did anything and the old paint job.

Added some small details to the chest... thingy. Small details but it already looks better!

Took off the straps to the arm guard since they were far too long and some of them were starting to tear. Going to make some new ones! Also added a few detail lines
Fixing a big part on the two pieces that go on the back of the boots.


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I bought a dremel tool and I don't know why I have never owned one earlier. I LOVE this thing.
Progress has been a little slow, but I'm still learning how to do everything so that's ok.

Will be taking apart the helmet today. Just have to do it so I don't damage the LED's.


Improvements on the RIG back.

Improvements on the boots!
The shin armor actually slides on first [added elastic to the inside of this too because velcro is so noisy] and it works great!

You can see that the guy did NOT seal the EVA foam before painting it. I've been able to smooth it out more than in the photo with the heat gun but a lot of it is sort of doomed to have that wrinkled appearance. Found out that mod podge also doesn't really work so I'll be picking up some of that plastiseal today. You can also see the BRIGHT FREAKING PINK foam he used and it is making repainting a pain in the ass because I have to paint the cracks with something darker first.


Took out the laces on the boots and only kept them in the top two rings. Velcro at the top makes sure everything stays snug and the laces are out of the way. Elastic on the boot makes it so I can just slip my foot in and out with minimal difficulty. Top "panel" is velcro so I can fix elastic if I need to.
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I'm excited to see how this comes out. For a cheap plasma cutter you should check out the nerf zombie strike flipfury. It will need some modding but looks like a good base.
And for the helmet it seems most people want to oversize it due to the shape. I guess the easiest way would be to picture it like a welding mask. If that makes any sense. Hah sorry it's late.
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